Here’s how you can earn money from home with PlayEuroLotto Affiliates

earn money from home

Did you know that winning a lotto jackpot isn’t the only way to make yourself rich with PlayEuroLotto? This short will guide will tell you exactly how you can earn money from home with PlayEuroLotto Affiliates.

What is PlayEuroLotto Affiliates?

PlayEuroLotto Affiliates is a scheme we created in order to spread the word about our website. It works like this: you sign up as an affiliate partner, you promote our website online (in social posts, emails or on a website that you own), people click your links through to our site, then we pay you whenever one of those people becomes a paying member of PlayEuroLotto. It’s basically a refer-a-friend scheme, but the rewards could be life-changingly huge!

How much money will I earn?

There are two ways to get paid for your player referrals: you can get a lump sum fee whenever a paying player signs up, or you can receive a commission on every purchase the player ever makes. The more players you refer in any given month, the more you can earn – up to 15% commission or a €40 fee! This could be a casual extra income that you use to pay for your lottery tickets, or it could be a whole new career with an excellent rate-of-pay. If you have lots of friends who love lottery and play on another site, you could earn great money just by persuading them to switch to

You can find out more about our commission rates here

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up as a PlayEuroLotto affiliate partner, we’ll give you your own unique URL that links through to the PlayEuroLotto site. You can then promote this URL however you want online, and whenever a player uses it, we’ll know it’s you who sent them to us. As soon as these people arrive on our site, we place a tracking cookie in their web browser, so we can always trace their activity back to you and make sure you receive the commission you deserve.

We’re happy to help you every step of the way as you try to promote your unique PlayEuroLotto URL. We can give you personal support, professionally designed web banners, buttons and other promotional materials, and on online reporting system to help you make the most of this opportunity.

It’s free to join PlayEuroLotto Affiliates, and you can work as much or as little as you want! We’ll pay you whatever you’ve earned every month, like clockwork.

What kind of people have signed up as affiliate partners?

PlayEuroLotto Affiliates is designed to accommodate a huge range of partners, from normal people looking for an extra income stream to international marketing agencies. The beauty of this scheme is that it works for everyone, whatever the scale of your operation!

You could promote your link in a post on Facebook, in an email to friends, or even with a website or Google AdWords advertising campaign. Our affiliate partners come in all shapes in sizes, and they’ve found all sorts of ways make major money from our website.

PlayEuroLotto’s Marketing Manager, Monika Cizmarova, says:

“We would like to welcome our players to join in with the amazing opportunities provided by PlayEuroLotto Affiliates. It’s free-to-join, easy-to-use, and it could potentially provide you with a life-changing extra income stream.

“Rest assured that if you join us we will be delighted to help you figure out how to promote your unique affiliate link and start making money online.”