Here’s some of our Favourite Advice from Lottery Winners

Who better to look to for lottery inspiration than a real life lottery winner? We’ve trawled the archives for the most interesting advice from lottery winners, and we’ve come across some amazing individuals in our search. We hope you’ll find their words extremely useful and inspiring. Read on and come back to your next lottery game primed for a massive, multi-million euro success!

Richard Lustig – 7-Time lottery winner

This amazingly lucky American player is one of the most prolific lottery winners in the world, with seven major prize wins to his name. He advises sticking with the same set or sets of numbers whenever you play, and therefore avoiding randomised/quick pick number selections:

“Every time you buy a quick pick, you get a different set of numbers; therefore, your odds are always going to be at their worst in that particular game.”

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

Cynthia P. Stafford – California Lottery winner

Cynthia Stafford believes her gargantuan $112 million California Lottery win back in 2007 was down to two crucial factors – positive mental attitude and instinctive number selection:

“My trick? Whenever I bought my ticket, I would visualize winning. At first, I picked my own numbers. But then, as I would visualize the money as my own, I’d pick whatever quick, random numbers flashed into my head.

“I even chose that exact number: $112 million. I decided that I would win that amount.”

Stafford is still playing today, despite already having so much money in the bank:

“I still play the lottery once a week. After all, it’s only a couple of dollars.”

Susan Crossland – UK National Lottery millionaire

British lottery player Susan Crossland had a feeling her deceased father was sending her a message one week in 2007 when she kept seeing white feathers floating in the air – just as she had seen one land on her doorstep on the day he died the previous year. She decided to play his numbers in the UK National lottery, and came away with a jackpot win:

“My win must be fate, which is why I saw the feathers. I’m not a spiritual person but it just feels right. Like we were supposed to get the money so that we could look after our family.”

In Susan’s case, answering the call of fate paid off in life-changing fashion.

Aaron Smith – UK EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle Winner

English millionaire lottery winner phenomenally claimed a £1 million EuroMillions prize just hours after posing for a photograph as a pretend lottery winner with his brother! He told local reporters:

“We’d gone to my brother’s house in Poole for Christmas Day.

“We’d all got dressed up for Christmas dinner as it was a special festive occasion and, because we also had champagne and I had my EuroMillions ticket with me, we had a bit of fun by pretending to be winners.”

Yet another example of the power of positive thought!

How far would you go to keep your lottery winnings safe?

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