High Winning Numbers Bring Next Euromillions Rollover

As the drawn Euromillions numbers from the last draw (01.10.2013) were again in the higher number range, there was no single winner in the 5 + 2 winning class. This case repeated already for a few times. All the time when the winning numbers are in the higher range and/or the Euromillions star numbers are in the higher range too there is no Jackpot winner. This result clearly shows the disadvantage of the single, instant tip. Most of these tips are based on favourite numbers, birthday numbers or anniversary numbers and are mostly lower than 30. Therefore the hit quote if there are numbers drawn only out of the higher range (above 1o or 15) moves down.

For such cases a share in one of our Euromillions syndicates would help to solve this issue. As you play there a big amount of different number combinations the so called “coverage” (which is the percentage of used numbers out of the total range 1 – 50) increases enormously. This means that the higher winning numbers are played in the same ration as the low numbers. This is not only the case for the normal Euromillions numbers – no this strategy is also used for the Euromillions star numbers. So you have three big advantages if you join a syndicate.

1. increase the number of lines played
2. distribute your numbers through the whole number range 1 – 50
3. distribute your lucky star numbers through the whole number range 1 – 11

If you additionally want to increase your changes of winning the Eurojackpot lottery in combination that you never want to miss any of the Euromillions draws, then you have to participate in on of our multi-lottery syndicates. We wish you good luck with your decision for the upcoming draws.