How to Become an Internet Millionaire

How to Become an Internet Millionaire

It’s not as hard as you might imagine to become a millionaire. There are over 10 million dollar millionaires in the United States, whilst in the United Kingdom, one in every 65 people is a pound millionaire – which, at the current rate of exchange, makes them even richer than a euro millionaire. We’ve put together this short guide on how to become an internet millionaire, to help you join the club.

Play the stock market

Playing the stock market always was – and still is – one of your best bets for making a million online. Be smart and invest in a combination of safe returns and higher risk/higher reward investments.

There are hundreds of stock market apps out there which will help you get started in the exhilarating world of trading, for both Android and iPhone users. We recommend Bloomberg Busines

Become a PlayEuroLotto affiliate

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Get massive on YouTube

For thousands of people around the world, being a YouTuber is now a full-time profession! These people create all sorts of content, from video game playthroughs to makeup tutorials. Find your niche and tap into a world of commercial opportunities – all you need to get started is a webcam and a good idea!

Play lotto!

Well you didn’t think we were going to make it through the whole article without mentioning this most obvious of get-rich methods, did you?

Not all lottery players have the same chance of succeeding as each other. Head over to our lottery tips section for some great advice on levelling up your game, or consider joining one of our lottery syndicates, which can multiply your chances of winning hundreds of times over!

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