How much can you increase your chances by joining a syndicate?

lottery syndicate increases your chances to win

How Joining syndicate increase winning chances ?

For the more pessimistic lottery players out there, winning a jackpot can sometimes seem like an impossible dream. But what if your chances were to increase as much as 512 times over? Playing as part of a syndicate is an incredibly effective way to bring a major lottery win within reach. Here is how joining syndicate increase winning chances today.

Massively multiply your chances

See those numbers? Our syndicate offers will buy you a share in 82, 155 or 512 lotto lines per week, depending on your choice of syndicate. If you normally enter one line per week on your own, that means joining one of our syndicates would increase your chance of landing a big prize 82, 155 or 512 times over! Sure, you won’t get the full jackpot if the syndicate wins, but a share of a massive jackpot is still an extremely desirable prize. It is a prize much closer than within your grasp of a full jackpot win.

lottery syndicate increases your chances to win

1) Euro Combi – 155 lines per week – from € 9,90

2) US Combi – 82 lines per week – from € 8,00

3) VIP World – 512 lines per week – from € 15,90

Diversify your bets

Joining one of our syndicates is not just great for your chances of big win It is a great way to diversify your lotto play and get to know some fantastic lotteries from around the world. For example, our VIP World syndicate buys you into a number of tickets for MegaMillions, Powerball, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, SuperEnalotto and Lotto 6/49. That definitely makes it a grand tour of the world’s very best lotteries! Find out which lottery you like best by playing with our syndicates.


Optimised for the best possible outcome

Our algorithm picks out unique combinations of numbers to enter for each line in each draw. Spread evenly across the numerical range for the draw in question. This policy is in line with advice from leading lottery experts and tipsters. It has already won a great many of our syndicate players some fantastic prizes!

With an exciting range of draws, optimised number selections and incredible odds on major wins, our syndicates could well be your best route to lottery riches.

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