How far would you go to keep your lottery winnings safe?

We need to tell you about a fantastic trend sweeping across China, where big jackpot winners are dressing up in hilarious costumes to keep their lottery winnings safe! The idea simple: if nobody can identify you, nobody is going to bug you for money or try to steal from you after your win. Here are a few of our favourite examples of this delightful fashion:

It’s Baymax!

When this chap won 170 million yuan ($27 million) in the Chinese Sports Lottery, his wife decided he should keep his identity secret by going incognito to collect his prize. The solution? Dressing up as Baymax from Big Hero 6, obviously!

Chinese Lottery Winner Collecting His Award in Disguise to Thwart Theives

Transformers, roll out!

This one could well be the coolest one of the bunch – like some kind of unstoppable fusion between Transformers and Daft Punk. Gentlemen, you deserve every single yuan of that prize money!


Taking the Mickey?

Disney characters seem to be a bit of a running theme in these costumes, so it seems fitting that the ultimate Disney character, Mickey Mouse, is represented here. In case you were wondering, Mickey here won a stunning 398 million yuan in a 2014 draw.


The Panda who helped start it all…

Bow down to the panda guy – one of the founding fathers of the collecting-lottery-winnings-while-wearing-a-costume craze! He won a jackpot worth 565 million yuan way back in 2011.

Why so… secretive?

Some people want to shout the news from the rooftops when they’ve won a lottery jackpot – and quite right too! However, the unfortunate fact is that going public with a lottery win is not necessarily the smartest idea. Several high profile lottery winners have ended up giving away huge chunks of their prizemoney to pestering relatives, and sometimes even to total strangers. Giving away money is a wonderful thing – but only if you do it on your own terms, at your own pace.

PlayEuroLotto will never pressurise its major winners – and we get quite a few of those – into revealing their identities to the public, so you can be sure that your privacy and security will stay completely intact if you ever win big with us. If you end up dressed in a panda costume, it will only be for your own enjoyment.

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