10 Ways to live luxuriously without winning the jackpot!

Live Luxuriously Without Winning the Jackpot

When we think of luxury living the first things that spring to mind are platinum cards and excessively large bank accounts, but in reality you don’t have to shirk on spending until you inevitably win that monstrous lottery jackpot; luxury things exist all around us, just waiting to be enjoyed!

#1 Spend More Time with Friends

Our friends are the people we turn to when things go wrong, they make us laugh and they give us a feeling of worth you simply can’t buy. If feeling great isn’t a luxury, who knows what is!


#2 Go Explore

Ever thought about packing a rucksack, jumping on a train and exploring the wilds? Go for it! Being completely alone with nature creates a feeling of exclusivity even top hotels can’t boast.


#3 Learn to Cook

Leave the Michelin-starred restaurants and foodie boutiques to the wealthy, you won’t need them if you learn to cook! Spices, herbs, ingredient combinations- it may take some time to learn, but after you’ve understood how food ‘works’ you’ll be able to bask in the luxurious benefits forever!

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#4 Look, Listen, Watch

We spend far too much time looking at the floor or our phones when we’re out and about. Next time you’re walking somewhere put your head on a swivel and take it all in; seeing the beauty in the world around you will boost your mood and your general outlook on life.

5#5 Exercise

Exercise releases hormones called endorphins which make a person feel happier, healthier and more positive, so jump on your bike, strap on your running shoes and go burn off those calories!


#6 Treat Someone

Have a friend or acquaintance who isn’t having the best time of their lives right now? Take them for a meal, invite them for a walk or offer your assistance in some way. That feeling of helping someone out is a warm, wonderful one.


#7 Take a Chance

Casinos aren’t the only way people can enjoy a dose of risk-ridden luxury. Buy a lottery ticket; go to a new bar, restaurant or cafe without checking the reviews- who knows, you might get a welcome suprise!


 #8 Save Up

If there’s some luxury activity you really have your eye on, then save up your cash for a while and go and enjoy it. You’ll feel like you’ve earned it, plus you won’t have the uneasy feeling that comes after paying for something expensive on your credit card.


#9 Live Hotel-wise

Change your sheets every day for a week, make sure you have lovely breakfast foods stocked up and pop a little chocolate on your pillow to enjoy when you return from work. It’s strange how better many people feel when they’ve enjoyed the comforts of a hotel for a few days!


#10 Scour Ebay

A fan of classy clothing but not got the cash to match? You can get all of the biggest clothing brands and styles for a fraction of the original price on auction and second-hand sites. It might involve an hour or two of monotonous clicking, but the deals you’ll discover will be very much worth it!


Living the high life isn’t as difficult as one might initially have thought, and although the act of enjoying the more traditionally luxurious pastimes is something usually reserved for the super rich, we can all be at peace in the knowledge that you don’t need a platinum card to have fun! On the other hand though, champagne and Kobe Waygu are really rather delicious, so maybe get that little lottery ticket tonight just in case; PlayEuroLotto will help you get your hands on those elusive riches!”