PlayEuroLotto’s Lottery Moments of 2015

2015 Lottery best Moment

2015 Lottery best Moment, we’re gonna miss you. In an outstanding twelve months for worldwide lotto we’ve seen fascinating rule changes, wonderful and heart-warming human interest stories, monster wins via, national jackpot records broken, exceptional TV ads and, of course, the distribution of many billions of euros in prize money to lotto players around the globe. These were some of our highlights:

Powerball ups its game

Powerball has been one of the biggest hitters in world lotto for a number of years now. The draw took a step further towards world dominance, with a series of rule changes designed to increase the regularity of prize wins and to boost jackpot figures towards an eventual target of $1 BILLION (industry experts expect this goal to be achieved within a decade, but we think it could happen much sooner).

Read all about the Powerball rule changes and what they mean for players here.

EuroJackpot joins the big leagues

May 15th 2015 will go down in history as the day EuroJackpot was elevated to the status of a truly world-class lottery. We’ve always loved this lotto, but in terms of jackpot size it had lagged too far behind EuroMillions to be considered a real contender for the title of Europe’s best lotto. That all changed when one astonishingly lucky player in the Czech Republic bagged a national record prize of 90 million EUR on that fateful May evening. EuroJackpot doesn’t just offer world-class odds anymore – it offers world-class prizes too.

The latest monster PlayEuroLotto payout

It’s a constant delight for us PlayEuroLotto staff to be able to facilitate enormous prize payouts for our players. Our latest major win was claimed by a German player whose loyalty and persistence paid off in style on November 27th, delivering him a whopping third tier EuroMillions prize of 111.796,88 EUR. Which one of you will be next to claim a life-changing sum?

Read more about our big November winner here.

2015 Lottery best Moment – The jackpot prize of the year

2015 Lottery best Moment – There was no way we could round up the lotto events of the year without giving a mention to 2015’s top jackpot. The jumbo payout in question took place in the Powerball draw on February 11th, when three players shared a jackpot fund worth 517 million EUR – wow! 2015 has been something special in the lottery world. Who knows what the next year holds in store?