Which Lottery Should I Play for the Best Chance to Win € 1000?

How much money would it take to change your life for the better? € 1 million? € 10 million? For most people, the answer is actually a far lower figure. We all know which lotteries to play if we’re aiming to win the biggest possible prizes, but where should we look if we want a better chance of a modest but significant win? Join us as we answer the question: which lottery should I play for the best chance to win 1000 euros?

The odds on winning € 1.000-€ 5.000 in each lottery

Here are our lotteries, ranked from the lottery where winning a grand is easiest, to the hardest:
1. DinoLotto: 1:31.076 (4 regular numbers & 1 Dino Number) – wins approx. € 1.000
2. Lotto 6/49: 1:60.223 (5 regular numbers) – wins approx. € 3.340,60
3. EuroJackpot: 1:423.752 (4 regular numbers & 2 Euro Numbers) – wins approx. € 4.192
4. EuroMillions: 1:621.503 (4 regular numbers & 2 Lucky Stars) wins approx. € 2.734
5. MegaMillions: 1:739.688 (5 regular numbers & 1 Mega Ball) – wins approx. € 5.000

Please note: these figures are correct as of 11/05/17.

In the popular Powerball lottery, there’s no easy way to win a prize in this region. However, Powerball does offer chances to win world-record jackpots, and also pays out a lot of smaller prizes. There are two ways to win a prize worth $100: match 3 numbers plus the Powerball (1:14.494), or match 4 regular numbers (1:36.525).

As you can see above, there’s a huge range of odds available on prizes in the € 1.000-€ 5.000 region – so much so that DinoLotto players are over twenty times likelier to win this level of prize than MegaMillions players.

DinoLotto offers the best odds on four-figure wins by a comfortable margin, but Lotto 6/49 clearly offers outstanding odds too. Combined with its low ticket prices, this makes Germany’s favourite national game an attractive option for those who want to play it smart.

Which is the best lottery to play to win over € 100.000?

We’d all love to win € 1.000 – but what if your dream prize is somewhere in-between the lower prizes and the jackpots? Let’s take a look at the odds on winning prizes over € 100.000 in our lotteries:

1.EuroJackpot: 1:3.405.150 (5 regular numbers) – wins approx. €122.304
2. DinoLotto
: 1:6.991.908 (5 regular numbers & 1 Dino Number) – wins approx. € 100.000
3. EuroMillions: 1:6.991.908 (5 regular numbers & 1 Lucky Stars) – wins approx. € 269.991
4. Lotto 6/49: 1:15.537.573 (6 regular numbers) – wins approx. € 574.596,50

MegaMillions and Powerball don’t offer any prizes in this region. The closest prize tier in MegaMillions is the $1 million prize for matching 5 regular numbers without the Mega Ball (1:18.492.204). In Powerball, the closest prize is also $1.000.000 for matching 5 balls, but the odds of winning are better (1:11.688.053).

There you have it: EuroJackpot emerges as the best lottery to play for prize wins in the six-figure reasons. The margin of EuroJackpot’s victory here is considerable, with players at least twice as likely to win six-figure prizes here than in other lotteries.

There’s another way to improve your winning odds…

Hopefully you’ve now learned a few interesting things about how too plan your lottery bets to aim for medium-level prizes. We’d now like to tell you about another way to increase your chances of winning a four-, five- or six-figure prize: playing as part of a syndicate.

A lottery syndicate is a group of players who pool their bets and agree to share their prizemoney if they win. Roughly 1 in every 4 lottery jackpots is won by a lottery syndicate – which means they’re serious business!

The odds of a syndicate winning any given lottery prize are however many lines the syndicate plays times likelier than the odds on an individual line winning – and this can bring the biggest jackpots far closer to becoming a reality.

PlayEuroLotto offers two sensational lottery syndicates: the Euro Combi and the US Combi. You can find more information about these products and how they can help you win in our complete guide to lottery syndicates.

We hope this guide will help you win the lottery prize to match your ambitions. However big, or however modest your goal may be, there’s a lottery out there that’s built to make it happen.