Lottery Syndicate Success Stories

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories – Joining a lottery syndicate will never fail to boost your chances of winning a major prize. So as long as you’re happy to settle for less than a full jackpot total. Each member buys a share in every ticket bought by the syndicate instead of buying a full individual ticket. By multiplying their chances of winning big syndicates appear to be a fool-proof way to bring yourself many times closer to becoming filthy rich! These lottery syndicate success stories prove that the surest path to lottery riches is playing as a team:

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 ‘The Three Amigos’ – approx. € 193 million between 3 players

Maryland lottery celebrities ‘The Three Amigos’ are without question the luckiest syndicate of all time. This mysterious, costumed trio ploughed $20 each into buying a total of 60 MegaMillions tickets in through the month of March 2012. Their reward for doing so was a third of the largest lottery jackpot ever seen in human history.  An unprecedented kitty valued at € 193 million to be shared between the three members of the syndicate. ‘The Three Amigos’ were all employed as education workers at the time of their win. We highly doubt they’re still plugging away at the 9 to 5 these days!

The British Supermarket Workers who won a Fortune – approx. € 25 million between 11 players

In July 2005 one of the most talked wins ever took place in the United Kingdom. An 11-strong syndicate of Tesco workers from Driffield, East Yorkshire take home a jackpot worth a total of € 25 million. After all 11 syndicate members quite their jobs, the youngest winner in the group, Kirsty Holmes, 26, put her newfound freedom to good use by travelling to Africa, where she would volunteer as a school teacher.

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories

The Finnish EuroJackpot Record Breakers – € 57 million between 10 players

A 10-strong band of lotto players from Toijala in the Tampere region of Finland became one of the most remarkable syndicates of all time on April 4th 2014.  When their chosen numbers were called in a historic EuroJackpot draw. The Finns scored a full set of correct numbers to win a huge prize worth over € 57 million. This amazing windfall was a EuroJackpot record at the time. Making this particular syndicate one of the wealthiest and most noteworthy on the face of the Earth. Love syndicates? Try our Euro Combi!

BBC drama The Syndicate

Imagined the moment when a syndicate of co-workers hit the lotto jackpot. 

Image source: The Telegraph, Maryland Lottery