Lottery Winner Travel Destinations for Spring 2017

Spring is in the air, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to count down the best lottery winner travel destinations of the season. Now sit back, relax and surrender to some glorious springtime daydreams!

Barcelona, Spain

There’s nowhere quite like Barcelona in the springtime. With temperatures hovering around the high teens or low twenties (Celsius), this is the perfect time of year to experience Barcelona without having to dodge the higher temperatures and bigger crowds that arrive every summer.

Barcelona is all sorts of fabulous holiday destinations in one – it offers cultural treasures like the Sagrada Famlia; there’s world-beating sport to catch at the Nou Camp, home to Barcelona F.C.; there’s a string of stunning beaches; and there’s beautiful countryside all around, including the striking mountains of Montserrat. Travellers on a lottery winner’s budget should check out the stunning fashion boutiques in the upmarket L’Eixample neighbourhood.

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Lake Como, Italy

There’s no place quite like Lake Como. Nestling amongst the southernmost reaches of the Alps, Como is a streak of Hollywood glam painted elegantly across an elemental landscape of crystal clear water and mountains.

A-listers including George Clooney, Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy all love it here – and it’s easy to see why. Lake Como effortlessly combines bucolic Italian charm with luxury restaurants, activities and accommodation to create an experience that’s beyond just about anybody’s wildest dreams – and that includes the rich and famous.

Stop off in Milan on your way from the airport if you fancy a spot of boutique shopping while you’re in the area – Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton and many other luxury brands have boutiques in the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II arcade. Alternatively, head across the border into Switzerland to catch some end-of-season skiing at St Moritz.

Macau, China

Now this next selection will probably reveal more than a little about what we like to do in our spare time.

Macau is an autonomously governed region of China – but more importantly, it’s the place where you’ll find many of the greatest casinos in the eastern hemisphere! Macau is home to legendary pleasure palaces including The Venetian Macau and Babylon, where guests can play classic games like mah-jong, poker and baccarat. For the high rollers amongst you, lavish accommodation may be found at the The Banyan Tree and the Grand Hyatt Macau.

Miami, Florida

We couldn’t very well put together a list of spring holiday hotspots without giving a shout-out to Miami – spiritual home of the all-American Spring Break.

Party holidays may not be to the taste of every multi-millionaire – but for those who like to go hard or go home, we can’t imagine a wilder way to spend a fortune! Of course, the tequila slammers are on you.

Madeira, Portugal

Though it is little-known to most people outside of Europe, the Portuguese island of Madeira (which is in-fact closer to Morocco than Portugal) is amongst Europe’s most beautiful holiday destinations – a garden island filled with jaw-dropping mountain ranges, tropical plants and friendly residents.

Madeira has long-since been known as a high-class holiday destination. In the early modern period, dozens of wealthy merchants made their homes here in fabulous quintas – hillside mansions which often boast their very own botanical gardens. If you’re really lucky (and willing to spend a lot of money), you can sometimes still find one on the market.

This otherworldly island is full of the finer things in life – from the delicious sweet wines that made Madeira famous to the traditional fado music you might chance to hear echoing through the streets on a still spring evening.

Madeira is also pretty accessible for travellers on a more average budget, so it could make a great choice if you can’t quite afford a private island just yet.


Could there possibly be a more glamorous destination than the Principality of Monaco? Late spring is the best time of year to travel to this luxury travel hotspot, as Monte Carlo goes into full party mode in celebration of the Monte Carlo Formula 1 Grand Prix, which takes place this year from May 26-28.

Not into race cars? No worries. Between Monaco’s fabulous seafront, its sumptuous hotels and, of course, its world class casinos, you’re never going to find yourself short of fabulous things to do in this global capital of wealth and pleasure.

Monaco may be the world’s second smallest country, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in things to see and do. Check out the Exotic and Japanese botanical gardens, pay a visit to the famous oceanographic centre and call in at the Prince’s Palace to while away the hours between your social engagements and casino sprees.