Lottery Winners who went from Poverty to Hitting the Jackpot

Here’s a set of stories to inspire us all: the amazing tales of four very different lottery winners who started in positions of poverty one day and ended up hitting the jackpot on the next. The magic of lottery is that absolutely anyone can win – no matter how unlucky you’ve been at other times in your life, you can always get lucky in a lotto draw!

From rescue at sea to a €400.000 win

Ngagne, a Senegalese migrant living in Spain, had faced greater adversity than most of us could ever imagine by the time he decided to take a punt on last year’s Spanish Christmas Lottery. But that was all about to change…

Ngagne was one of a group of ticket-holders from the coastal town of Roquetas de Mar who jointly won the top prize in the draw – known as “El Gordo”. His prize share of €400.000 represents the happy ending to a difficult and sometimes dramatic story.

Ngagne told local reporters of how he had been rescued at sea in 2007 when he attempted to make the journey from Morocco to Spain on a crowded boat:

“There were 65 people on that boat. I want to give thanks to Spaniards and the Spanish government for rescuing me when I was in the sea.”

Even after his rescue, Ngane’s life in Spain was far from plain sailing. Shortly before his life-changing lottery win, he lost his job as a vegetable picker and was faced with the possibility of a life of poverty. Thanks to the Spanish Christmas Lottery, that’s no longer a worry for Ngane.

The British mum who’ll never have to struggle again

Image and title image source: National lottery

Of course, it’s not just people without homes and migrants who are having a tough time in today’s economic climate – there are plenty of people with a roof over their heads who struggle to make ends meet too. Thankfully, lotteries are there to help a lucky few.

Just a few months ago, British single mother Beverley Doran was in a tough position – jobless, low on cash and reliant on state benefits to support herself and her four children.

That all changed one night this February, when Doran matched all her numbers correctly in a big-money EuroMillions draw to claim a glittering jackpot worth £14.5 million!

Beverley told reporters: “I’ve spent many a night with depression, wondering what would happen to my children, especially when they are older. Now I don’t have that worry.” Image and title image source:

The homeless American who beat the odds

Sometimes the only thing you need to achieve your dreams is a little bit of hope.

Michael Engfors certainly didn’t have much else to his name – at least as far as material possessions are concerned – when claimed his headline-grabbing jackpot win.

Engfors, aged 61 at the time, had been sleeping rough for six years, since the collapse of his business. He decided to go out on a limb and spend $10 on a scratch-card from a local petrol station – and toeveryone’s amazement, Michael scratched off the card to reveal a $500,000 win!

By holding out hope and battling odds of 840,000-to-1, Engfors had earned himself a comfortable life, off the streets at last.

Jeremy Kowalis, an employee at the Aspen Homeless Shelter where Mr Engfors used to stay, told reporters: “Michael has seen a bottom that has pushed him right to the edge. But Michael never gave up.

“He knew that if he kept pushing on, eventually his luck would change.

“I don’t think he normally spends $10 a day on a lottery ticket, but he did that day, and it sure paid off.”

And the same magic has been at work in Denmark…

Mr Engfors’ spectacular rags-to-riches story has been mirrored by a number of other wins around the world which have seen homeless lottery players claiming life-changing prizes.

A Danish newspaper report from 2014 tells of a 37-year-old Dane who claimed a massive lottery win worth $605.0000, after six months of sleeping rough.

The winner chose to remain anonymous, but he did tell members of the local media: “It is really weird and I can’t believe it, but I went to the bank and they confirmed it. It is very strange, but it is a lovely experience.”

The anonymous winner received his prizemoney payments in monthly instalments of $10.000, providing a strong and steady foundation for a fantastic new life. We couldn’t be happier for the guy!