Man buys two winning tickets from the same person, at the same store

We’ve just heard some amazing news from the United States, where a lottery player has reportedly bought his second major prize-winning scratchcard from the exact same cashier at the exact same store. Imagine getting two winning tickets from the same place! Join us as we tell the tale one of the weirdest lottery stories of the year.

Our story takes place in Bellingham, Washington State, a beautiful town situated close to the Canadian border, nestled beneath the snowy peak of Mount Baker.

Years ago, a man from Bellingham won a $1,000 prize on a scratch-card from his local Haggen supermarket. So far, so good, but that’s nothing really special – here at PlayEuroLotto we pay out prizes of that magnitude on a very regular basis.

But this lucky lotto player’s story turned from a happy one into an incredible one this April, when he scratched off another ticket and won $50,000. He told reporters:

“I scratched my ticket in the parking lot of the grocery store and when I saw it was a winner, I immediately went back inside to check with a cashier. When I walked up to the register, I realized the clerk was the same woman who confirmed my last big lottery win years ago!”

How about that for a coincidence – two big wins from scratchcards purchased from the same cashier. Whoever that cashier is, they must be a lucky charm!

The winner – who has chosen to remain anonymous – did not have any specific plans regarding how he’ll celebrate his lotto win when questioned in the immediate aftermath. He told the Washington Lottery he intended to put it in is bank and save it for a rainy day.

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If a cashier can be a lucky charm…

If a cashier can be a lucky charm, surely just about anything can! Let’s take a quick look at some of the weird and wonderful objects that people around the world believe to be bringers of good fortune:

1) Kangaroo scrotums

Yes, you read that right. Kangaroo scrotums are held to be lucky by many folk down under, as this legend explains:

“Once upon a time there lived in the center of Australia an aboriginal boy. One day he came upon a small kangaroo in the bush, caught it by the tail, and made a purse out of its dear little symbol of masculinity. He gave it to his girl, and she kept seeds and berries in it.

“Next he saw a large kangaroo. He caught it with a spear and made another purse from its thick symbol of masculinity. He gave it to his farther who kept stones and things of value in it.

“Ever since then, male kangaroo scrotum purses have been popular amongst the aborigines. For women, the soft playable one; for men the strong, wrinkled one.

“They became as important as one’s own ‘symbol of masculinity’ and were recognized as [bringers of luck]. That’s why kangaroo scrotum [purses are] often called “Lucky Bag” or “Lucky Pouch”.”

The question we’d like to ask is this: is good luck really worth having if you need to carry a kangaroo scrotum around to get it!?

2) Four-leaf clover

Roughly 1 in every 10,000 clovers has four leaves – which means you’ve got to be pretty lucky to find one in the first place. No wonder people like to hold onto them when they do!

Each leaf in a four-leaf clover is said to represent something: one for faith, one for hope, one for love and one for luck. They’re not just a lucky charm – they’re a pretty rounded symbol for hope and happiness.

If a four-leaf clover isn’t lucky enough for ya, how about a five- or six-leave clover? Both are found from time to time, though they are exceptionally rare.

3) Horseshoes

Horseshoes – along with other items cast in iron – have been held to be lucky talismans since medieval times, when the material was believed to ward off evil spirits.

This original significance of iron horseshoes has faded over time, but the idea of horseshoes being lucky has endured through the centuries – and you’ll find casinos called The Horseshoe all over the world as a result!