Meet The World’s Most Undeserving Lottery Winners

Meet the world’s most undeserving lottery winners. These folks all lucked out and won the jackpot, despite the fact they really didn’t earn it. Before you start reading, just try to remember that there are lots of lottery winners who truly did deserve their jackpot wins – these people are far from normal…

This meth-dealing lotto millionaire will have to face the music

We’ve heard of lottery winners making poor investments with their winnings, but this one takes the biscuit.

Ronnie Music Jr. of South Georgia, United States is living proof lottery winners are no exception to the rule that crime doesn’t pay.

Music used money from his $3 million Georgia Lottery win to buy crystal meth – infamously one of the most harmful drugs in existence – to sell on to users in his area. Thankfully the lottery-winner-turned-meth-dealer and his associates were found out by the police, and Music now faces a lengthy jail sentence. Source: Dailystar

Gary Baron – the $16M LOTTO RAT

You’re looking at one of the world’s most controversial lottery winners. Along with some of his colleagues, Australian truck driver Gary Baron was part of a lottery syndicate that won a Powerball prize worth AUS $16M.

Great news for all concerned, right?

Wrong. Baron took it upon himself to claim his syndicate’s prize, but instead of distributing the winnings fairly to his team-mates, he then insisted that he was the sole owner of the winning ticket, and kept the whole jackpot to himself. This alleged trickster has since made a legal settlement with his former teammates to ensure they get a share of the money, but it’s not clear how much they’ll receive. Baron has already splashed the cash on a luxury home for himself, two further homes for his sons and a BMW convertible – which will undoubtedly have made a serious dent in that jackpot sum.

Source: Daily Mail

Michael Carroll – the King of the Chavs

No list of undeserving lottery winners would be complete without British National Lottery winner Michael Carroll, AKA “The King of the Chavs”. When former bin-man Carroll won a massive £9,736,131 back in 2002, it looked likely that he was going to become one of the great rags-to-riches lotto success stories.

Unfortunately, Carroll had other ideas, and quickly burned through his jackpot with a string of crazy purchases including drugs, fast cars and bizarrely, a boxing bout with “Rhino” from Gladiators. By 2006 Carroll had reportedly spent every penny of his jackpot win – and whilst that’s no crime, the worst was yet to come… Later, that year, Carroll was arrested on a charge of affray, and his very public fall into disgrace was complete.

Michael Carroll may not have been the most deserving of lottery winners, but he certainly was interesting! Recent reports suggest he’s now working in a biscuit factory.

Denise Rossi – the jackpot winner who took the money and ran

Life could have been sweet for Californian jackpot winner Denise Rossi – that is, until she decided to get divorced from her husband of 25 years without telling him about her big win, just two days after the draw!

Could the fact that Rossi later revealed how she and her husband Thomas had struggled with money issues throughout their marriage excuse this betrayal? Not in the eyes of the law.

Unsurprisingly, Thomas Rossi soon found out about his ex-wife’s deception. He took the matter to court and ended up being granted the full jackpot amount himself, leaving Denise with nothing. This just goes to show that honesty is the best policy when it comes to dealing with a lottery jackpot!

Patty Bigbee – the big-spender who tried to sell her baby grandson to a stranger

American grandmother Patty Bigbee had the world at her feet when she bagged a Missouri Powerball jackpot worth $1 million. The lucky winner immediately set to the task of spending her fortune – and spend it she soon did! After buying a luxurious Florida home, a sports car and a load of high end toys for her pet cat, Patty soon found herself out of money.

A fair few lottery winners break the bank, but what Bigby did next was far stranger, and far worse.

Instead of selling her assets, seeking financial help or working her way out of trouble, Bigby decided on a horrifying solution to her problem: selling her eight-week old grandson to a total stranger.

Thankfully, Bigbee’s daughter realised what was going on and altered the authorities before Bigby could complete the sale. According to media reports, the grandmother went in with an asking price of $75,000, before getting haggled down to $30,000! We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t imagine a more undeserving lottery winner than this evil specimen.

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