The World’s 7 Most Expensive Foods!

most expensive foods

Expensive Foods

Review with PlayEuroLotto, the most Expensive Foods. Are you hungry? If you are, chances are that your rumbling stomach makes you feel a bit desperate. Whilst many of us experiencing such a situation will either slog on and cook something from scratch, or alternatively cave in completely and pick up a takeaway menu. The resulting dish isn’t likely to break the bank. Not like the following meals anyway; these are the undisputed emperors of the mealtime world!

1. Duke & Duchess of Windsor’s 1937 Wedding Cake

This one looks like it could be a joke but trust us, it isn’t! In 1998 a slice of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor’s ancient wedding cake was auctioned for $29,900 in total, causing practically everyone to wonder why a person would pay that much for what is surely going to be a very rancid piece of cake!

Duke & Duchess of Windsor's 1937 Wedding Cake

2. Almas Caviar

Caviar is often seen as the most popular ‘luxury’ food, often associated with opulence and wealth. Normal caviar has nothing on the world’s most expensive caviar though, a rare Iranian variety that is sold in a 24-carat gold tin that ensures the eggs don’t spoil due to interacting with reactive metals. The cost? $25,000!

Almas Caviar

3. Haut Chocolate Ice Cream

Weighing in at $25,000 a serving this ice cream, created out of eight rare cocoas and 5g of edible 24 carat gold, is served in a golden goblet, lined with 1 carat white diamonds. Guests are also provided with a golden spoon which they can take home as a reminder of their shockingly expensive purchase!

Haut Chocolate Ice Cream

4. Saffron

Used in Mediterranean and Indian cuisine, saffron is a spice that’s made from the dried stamens of the Saffron Crocus flower. Saffron filaments that can only be harvested between dawn and 10AM. One pound of the ingredient contains 75,000 stamens, causing this labour-intensive food to cost €10,000a pound when bought from the most renowned producer, located in Abruzzo, Italy.


5. Anqi Pho Soup

Created in order to raise money for the Children’s Hospitals of Los Angeles and Orange County, this Asian creation is a wonder. Wagyu beef strips, white alba truffles, hand-raised bean sprouts and rare blue lobster noodles are submerged in a foie gras broth- at $5,000 it has to be delicious!

Anqi Pho Soup

6. First-Harvest Brisbane Mangoes

Mangoes are a lovely fruit; soft, juicy and delicious, they’re used in everything from tarts to sorbets, but Brisbane mangoes are the top dogs of the mango world, a single one costing $4200! For a SINGLE fruit! Imagine if it was under or over-ripe – it doesn’t bear mentioning.

First-Harvest Brisbane Mangoes

7. Wagyu Rib-Eye

A delicious, griddled steak is something most people can attest to enjoying, but the king of the steaks is another beast entirely! Cows raised in Hyogo, Japan are fed on beer and massaged in order to produce a tender, marbled meat that goes for $2,800 a steak!

Wagyu Rib-Eye

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