The Most Expensive Penthouses in the World (that can be yours!)

Most Expensive Penthouses in the World

World Expensive Penthouses

World Expensive Penthouses – There’s no abode more luxurious or befitting of cache than the penthouse. For decades these swanky residences have been home to the rich and famous. Have you ever been walking through the city though and looked up ,wondering about the kings of the penthouse world”? Well, now you can find out! 

$95,000,000, 432 Park Avenue, New York

A beautiful, vertiginous building that will be the second highest in Manhattan when completed this year. The penthouse that tops 432 Park Avenue is a gem. Oozing with all the freshest aspects of contemporary design and style. Six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a library, wine cellar, 75-foot indoor pool and a gym; the penthouse will have everything the super rich would ever want. At such price it’s a pretty attainable purchase for a fair few millionaires and also our Portuguese Superdraw winner!



Most Expensive Penthouses in the World

$125,000,000, Pierre Hotel, New York

Sitting atop the Pierre Hotel, one of New York’s classiest establishments, this penthouse is one styled towards the old money crowd. Built in the 1930s the tower features delicious art deco architecture that has been mixed with a liberal spoonful of Louis XIV-style ostentatiousness. A mixture only the thirties New York could produce! Look out over the city from the penthouse’s four adjoining terraces, and enjoy a meal served by the accommodation’s accompanying staff at this king of ivory towers.

$237,000,000, One Hyde Park, London

Increasingly becoming a playground for oligarchs and wealthy dowagers alike, London is becoming the city of extremes, shown perfectly in the city’s most expensive penthouse. London’s most talked about new residential development features spas, exercise studios, a cinema, a squash court, wine cellars and a Rolls Royce house-car that all residents can take advantage of when they need to indulge in a excursion to the metropolis beyond.

Most Expensive Penthouses in the World


$400,000,000, Odeon Tower, Monaco

The most expensive penthouse in the world is located in a city known the world over for all things luxurious and stylish; Monaco. Topping the soon-to-be-completed Odeon Tower which, at 170m, will be the tallest building in the territory when completed, this mega penthouse features an infinity pool fitted with a glass slide, palm trees, hot tubs, stingray skin-clad tables, a cinema, billiard room, gym, sauna; the list goes on.

Packed in over five double-height floors this could be the most over the top penthouse we’ve ever seen, and you’d have to win a seriously large jackpot to even come close to buying this flashy pad; check out the biggest at the PlayEuroLotto Blog and gauge for yourself the sheer expensive of the Odeon!