We’re getting rid of credit deposit fees!

credit deposit fees

Great news: PlayEuroLotto is PERMANENTLY getting rid of credit deposit fees! Now you can add any amount of credit to your player account, however small, and we won’t charge you a thing.

Why are we removing credit deposit fees?

Up until now, we charged a small transaction fee whenever you made a deposit less than €10. This fee was designed to offset some of the transaction processing costs undertaken by PlayEuroLotto. The challenge of maintaining the infrastructure to provide safe payments and lottery play for our members makes it difficult to offer free deposits for customers who make small orders.

However, we’re taking the plunge! Our members have spoken and the message is clear: you want to deposit whatever amount of credit you like without having to pay a fee. We’re going to give you what you want.

No matter how little you want to spend, we’re now going to make all of your credit deposits absolutely free-of-charge. This move is almost unprecedented within the online lottery industry, and we hope it will make even more players feel welcome in our big lotto family!

How will PlayEuroLotto cover its costs without charging a deposit fee?

We’ve decided that we’re willing to take on some extra running costs if it means we can make our players even happier. PlayEuroLotto puts a lot of effort into giving you the best value lottery gameplay on the internet. Our job just got a little bit harder, but we’re confident that removing deposit fees will give our players an extra incentive to stay with us long in to the future.

Kootac’s spokeswoman, Monika Cizmarova comments: “The PlayEuroLotto team has always been fully dedicated to giving our players their dream lottery experience. We understand that sometimes people just want to make a small bet, and now that we’ve removed all credit deposit fees our very casual players can do exactly that without paying any extra fees. How much you want to bet shouldn’t place a limit on your jackpot-winning dreams!”

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