Older Lottery Winners Who Did Great Things with Their Money

You’re never too old to take life by the horns and make your wildest dreams a reality – especially if you’ve got a lotto jackpot in your bank account. In this article, we’ll meet some inspiring older lottery winners from around the world who did great things with their money. These golden oldies are our new role models! <3

Will “Bud” Perry, Canada, 77 years old, € 20 million

“I’m rich!” Retired crane driver Bud Perry summed the situation up pretty neatly in the aftermath of his Lotto 6/49 jackpot win this May. The Canadian, aged 77, had just won a massive $30 million CAD (approx. € 20 million).

Perry told local reporters he plans to use the prize money to fund his golfing dreams:

“I play golf with a great bunch of friends and would love to take my game to the best courses in every single province and territory.

“It might not improve my swing but it’ll be a lot of fun.”

Source: CBC News

Perry joked that winning the lottery had proven easier, for him, than hitting a hole-in-one.

Not all of the sporty grandfather’s wealth is destined to be spent on his grand Canadian golfing tour – he says he also intends to put a large share of his winnings aside for his family.

“Family means everything to me. My wife was my best friend and my children and grandchildren are my life. It fills me with joy to be able to take care of them and to also take care of generations of children that I will probably never meet.”

Aww, Bud! Will you be our grandfather too?

Brian McTigue, England, pensioner, € 3,2 million

Former primary school caretaker Brian McTigue raised plenty of smiles in the English press as he revealed his multi-million jackpot win. Then pensioner, whose exact age has not been made public, told reporters from The Liverpool Echo he planned to spend his winnings on a First Class flight to Thailand.

He also said he might try to find himself a girlfriend!

“When I saw the numbers, I felt numb – I still am. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. I checked, checked and checked again that what I was seeing really was true. I then screamed and burst into tears.”

“I rang a mate of mine and got him to check the ticket. I then rang the lottery using the number on the back of the ticket.”

Brian also intended to buy some new trainers and a pint with his prize-money.

So what was his secret? Brian reveals he chose his winning numbers – 3, 19, 21, 30, 41 and 47 – from a combination of birthdays and other special dates.

“41 is my front door number and the other my age, 21!”

David and Carol Martin, Scotland, 54, € 76 million

First off, we realise 54 isn’t very old – but we thought we’d include this couple anyway. Our reasoning: they’ve used their jackpot winnings to buy themselves the freedom most people don’t get until they’re old.

The first things David and Carol Martin, from Hawick, Scotland, did when they won their £66 million (€ 76 million) jackpot were:

  1. Buy some champagne glasses; and
  2. Plan for early retirement

We like their style.

Mr Martin told reporters: “We don’t socialise a lot, and when the girl from [UK Lottery organisers] Camelot said we will bring some champagne for you on Monday, we thought we don’t have any champagne glasses.”

Marijan Kalman, Canada, 60, € 5,5 million

For us, Canadian ski instructor Marijan Kalman’s response to his $8.1 million Lotto 6/49 win epitomised everything that’s great about winning a lotto jackpot.

He’s able to achieve his dreams. He’s able to be generous. He’s free.

Here’s what Marijan said to Lotto 6/49’s organisers when asked about his plans for his prize money:

“Sick Kids Hospital and Holland-Bloorview Rehabilitation Centre are both near and dear to our hearts. We also want to travel to Turks and Cacaos. We might even buy a retirement property there. Winning the lottery gives me the freedom to do what I always wanted to, when I want and how I want.”

From homes and holidays in the sun, to making a real difference to causes close to your heart, lottery wins have the power to transform your life for the better. And there’s no upper age limit.

Title image: Dailymail