Origami with Money! Could you make these?

origami with money

Origami with Money

Here’s some inspiration for anyone out there who has just won a load of lottery money and doesn’t know quite what to do with it! Euro notes (along with dollars, pounds and many other paper currencies) aren’t just good for spending; they’re perfect for origami too, with just the right thickness and interesting colours and designs to boot. Here are a few ideas on how to do origami with money to get you started:


Embrace the rock’n’roll dream with this charming origami design! Unfortunately it’s not playable, but we wouldn’t change this plucky little origami guitar for the world.

Lucky four-leafed clover

Try keeping this lucky clover next to your computer the next time you’re playing the lotto!

Chinese Dragon

For true origami masters only.


Make an ostentatious statement with a bracelet that’s literally made of money! Make sure it’s nice and tight – you wouldn’t want it to fall off without you realising.

Christmas star

If you ended up spending too much money on presents you can always unfold it again and spend it on your Boxing Day booze!

His & hers outfits

Aren’t these his & hers money outfits just adorable? This cute couple has a place in any aspirational doll house.


Traditional origami has always looked to the beauty of nature for inspiration. Keep the old ways alive by folding yourself a lovely elephant.

Streetwise Abe Lincoln

Here’s one for our Powerball and MegaMillions fans! Take a dollar note and follow these instructions to make your very own hip and happenin’ Abraham Lincoln. Radical.

Lotus flower

Folded money makes for oddly beautiful mock flower petals – here’s a case in point. This is probably our favourite design from an interior point of view (just don’t get try putting it in your garden pond!)

Coin boxes

We love the plain absurdity of keeping coins of minor worth inside boxes made of valuable notes! A topsy-turvy take on cash is what money origami is all about.