Which Personality Traits Make the Best Lottery Players

As one of the world’s top online lottery websites, we know a thing or two about the type of people who tend to make the best lottery players. Lottery is a game of luck – but that doesn’t mean you won’t find common traits amongst many of the people who win big prizes. Here are some of the classic characteristics we see in lottery winners every day.


This is the big one.

We all love to read lottery stories about lucky young lottery winners who score amazing prizes with one of their first ever lottery tickets – but for the vast majority of winners, a jackpot win comes hundreds or even thousands of plays into a career that spans decades of their life.

If you’re the kind of player who really hungers for a major win and the luxury lifestyle that comes with it, to keep playing when you’ve gone through a long period without any wins can take a whole lot of tenacity. We’re always happy when one of our players wins big – but we’re especially pleased for the players who fight for their success.


Maybe this just means that people in general are much more generous than we realised, but are forever being reminded of how incredibly generous lottery winners can be. In the vast majority of lottery wins, the winner’s first thoughts seem to be about their families – particularly children and grandchildren.

And then there are those who go so much further – lottery winners who support charities and local causes, or set up charitable foundations. There are even those who go so far as to give all or most of their jackpot winnings to causes close to their heart.

There’s no doubt about it: lottery jackpots keep being won by generous people, and we’re very happy about that fact!


A spontaneous personality has been the secret to many a life-changing lottery win!

Spontaneous people do things on a whim, often without thinking too much about it. These unplanned moves could range from big things like moving to a new city to *seemingly* small things like buying a ticket in a new lottery draw – or grabbing an extra lottery line in your old favourite game.

Having the inclination to make impulse buys like these has proven to be the secret to winning a lottery jackpot for many players around the world. Every week we hear about jackpot winners who just bought their tickets on a whim – so why not take a leaf out of their books by being more impulsive?


On the other side of the coin, there are also many lottery winners who can count a love of routine amongst the magic personality traits that made their jackpot success possible.

As we’ve mentioned previously, playing lottery over a long period of time is the true key to standing a decent chance of a big win – but that only really works if you’re playing regularly. Players with a love of routine usually have the best chance of getting their numbers into the draw every week, and they therefore stand a better overall chance of winning lottery than less reliable players who make similar bets.


If you really want to win a lottery jackpot, nothing will take you further than a sense of fun.

Finding the joy in selecting your lucky numbers, placing your bets and waiting for the big draw is even more valuable than a tenacious personality when it comes to ensuring you keep on playing and therefore maximising your chance of a win.

Lotteries are designed to be fun, so please do bear that in mind whenever you play. Yes, it would be amazing to win a jackpot – but there’s nothing more important than enjoying the ride.


We’re not going to play around here – every lottery winner is extraordinarily lucky, by definition! The good news for those of you who don’t consider yourselves to be very lucky people is that your luck can change in no longer than it takes to draw a set of lottery numbers.

Lottery winners really must be amongst the luckiest people in the world. When they win, they earn the freedom and the opportunity to do just about anything they could possibly want to do. Here’s hoping one of us will become just as lucky as they are in one of this week’s massive lottery draws!

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