Play in 4 Massive Lottery Draws this Weekend!

lottery draws this weekend

Part in four massive lottery draws for the weekend

Another weekend, another tantalising selection of lottery jackpots. The past six weeks or so have proven to be a phenomenal start to 2015. Just pick at this massive jackpots galore including the fifth largest payout of all time. The excitement shows no signs of stopping this weekend, as an incredible four out of our six fabulous lottery draws offer up jackpot funds of €49.000.000 and over. This is one incredible time to be a lotto fan… let’s take a look at the biggest and best lottery draws this weekend has to offer:


EuroMillions unquestionably wins the prize for the most enjoyably rounded jackpot fund figure of the weekend! There’s an awesome €50.000.000 in the pot for this Friday’s drawing of Europe’s premier lottery.


We’ve fallen head over heels for the EuroJackpot lotto of late. We don’t know whether it’s the massive prizes, the great winning odds or maybe just its dashing good looks… One thing we can say for sure is that we’re hooked! EuroJackpot cements its growing status as one of the world’s biggest games this Friday night, with an incredible €49.000.000 up for grabs in the top prize fund.


The American giant MegaMillions is only ever truly in its element when it is the biggest lottery in the world. It’s certainly looking the part this week with a gargantuan €87.600.000 top prize value that dwarfs its nearest competitors. Powerball may have provided the biggest payout of the year so far, but MegaMillions is still top dog when it comes to the largest prizes of all time.


There’s plenty of money on the line in Powerball too! The massive US lotto that has been the talk of 2015 returns this Saturday with a jumbo jackpot fund valued at €52.800.000!

Lotto 6/49

We mentioned four massive lottery draws in the title of this article. To be honnest, the German state lottery Lotto 6/49’s Saturday night draw will be big news too. With a great €19.000.000 prize fund and tickets priced at just €1, this lottery is just begging to be paid.


If you want to go for the full set of PlayEuroMillions lottery bets this weekend, then have a go at SuperEnalotto too. The Italian game’s Saturday night draw will boast a top prize fund in the region of €4.000.000.