Get social & play lotto with friends!

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Get social, Play Lotto with Friends, join syndicates!

Playing lotto is fun regardless the way  you do it.  However in our opinion, it can get a whole lot better when you add a social dimension to it. For example, involving your friends in the action is all about the fun. So join in a syndicate, get your tickets with your firends and win big! Here are our top 5 reasons why play lotto with friends, join syndicates is the way to go:

5. Share tips

Two, three, four, five! No matter how many brains you can muster… The more brains you can involve will invariably be better than one. Nevertheless, by trading lotto tips with your pals gives consequently the best possible chance of winning a mega lotto jackpot. This is without a shadow of a doubt the most enjoyable way to work out which lotteries have the best odds, odds-to-jackpot ratios and gameplay options.

4. Win more often

Playing with friends isn’t just an enjoyable social experience, at the sm time it can be a money-making opportunity. Play with your friends as a syndicate and you can dramatically increase your chance of winning a significant sum of money. If you find syndicate lottery gaming is to your liking, check out PlayEuroLotto’s brilliant syndicate products, which team you up with loads of lotto players around the world and turbo-charge your chances of a serious win.

3. Give them a free play for starters!

Imagine how many brownie points you’d earn with a friend if you gave them a gift worth millions of euros…
That’s exactly what you can do by introducing them to PlayEuroLotto’s online service! Every new user gets a free no-risk bet. Whatever your pals win with their first play is all thanks to you! We always knew you were a great friend.

2. Lotto & shots = a winning combination

Lotto and shots really is a phenomenal combo!!! Get creative and turn your lotto game into a drinking game… How about one shot for every number you match and a bottle of champagne if you win? Watching a lotto draw live with your friends brings a splash of Vegas-style entertainment into your home.

1. Share the excitement

The #1 reason to play lotto with friends is simple: you need someone there to share the exhilaration with if you win a prize! Play with a load of friends for the best chance of having a win to celebrate every week.

Hey, New Year’s Eve isn’t far away! Here’s how to celebrate like a lotto winner.

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l want to get friends to give me the baka

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l want to get friends on lotto

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