PlayEuroLotto Player Wins EuroMillions Prize of 111.796,88 EUR

PlayEuroLotto player wins

PlayEuroLotto player wins EuroMillions

A PlayEuroLotto player from Germany has won an unbelievable EuroMillions prize of 111.796,88 EUR! The lucky winner, who is choosing to remain anonymous, correctly matched all five main numbers in the draw on Friday 27th November to land his third-tier win; if he had managed to match the two Lucky Star numbers correctly, he would have won the full jackpot prize fund of €26,179,692.16.

Patience and consistency have paid off

The winning player’s windfall comes after four years of regularly play through our online service – in our eyes that makes it thoroughly well deserved!

A total of 2,543,500 players won prizes in the draw. The PlayEuroLotto registered member was one of the top 10 winners in the whole continent. This brilliant win is the latest in a stream of major prize payouts for PlayEuroLotto players. Other recent players won big including the Italian player who claimed a EuroJackpot prize of 265.052,78 EUR and the Slovakian player who won 284,245.52 EUR in the EuroMillions.

How it was done

Our winning player scored their extraordinary prize by matching up all five regular numbers correctly. They have only missed the two Lucky Stars. The numbers drawn were as follows:

16   29   30   37   50   6   8

The prize winner didn’t use any distinct number selection methods to get to his lucky line. One thing’s for sure: he boosted his odds by playing regularly. Registered member since 2011, he played on a regular basis. He massively slashed the odds against himself winning a major lottery prize.

PlayEuroLotto about the win

PlayEuroLotto’s team has reacted warmly to the news of their user’s sensational win. Spokeswoman Monika Cizmarova had this to say:

“This landmark win is a wonderful early Christmas present for everyone here at Kootac HQ. Whenever we pay out a prize of this magnitude, we are reminded of why we should take pride in our work: we really are helping our players to turn their dreams into realities.

“We’re especially pleased in this instance, as the winner has been playing regularly with us since 2011. His perseverance and patience have now provided him with an amazing payoff, and there’s surely a lesson in that which we can take into our own lives. All at Kootac send our heartfelt congratulations to our new third-biggest winner so far!”

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