PlayEuroLotto Congratulates Another Player on a Major Online Lottery Win

PlayEuroLotto User Wins

Ome more playeurolottto’s player claims the massive Eurjackpot prize

We’re incredibly proud to announce that one of our lovely playeurolottto’s player claims massive Eurjackpot of 265.052,78 EUR through our online portal ! 

The lucky winner is a female player from Italy. She has chosen to remain anonymous. Our italian player matched up all five regular numbers plus one out of two Euro Numbers. She secured her incredible second tier prize on Friday evening’s “bet on EuroJackpot game” draw.

Our second BIG winner in 7 months!

This is the second time in just 7 months that a player has won a prize on this epic scale through PlayEuroLotto. Needless to say we’re cracking open the champagne here at the office to toast this phenomenal success!


We’ll leave you with a word from our Managing Director, Marek Mahdal:

“We’re absolutely delighted to announce our second six-figure winner in seven months! To win a second tier prize in a major lottery is obviously a once-in-a-lifetime event, so we’re delighted on two accounts: firstly, we can truly say that our business has changed a customer’s life, and secondly we can look at this second major prize win through PlayEuroLotto in such a short space of time and see just how far our business has come in terms of the volume of business we’re doing.

“We take real pride in the work we do here on a day-to-day basis, and it’s fantastic to see our efforts come to fruition so spectacularly. Hopefully another of our players will enjoy a massive win in the very near future – we’re wishing everyone the best of luck!”

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congratulations , I wish you all the best and a lot of gains in future work … !!!

Reply Written by: Milan R. on 25.3.2015 at 10:52

nooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu :D:D

Reply Written by: S.T.A.R.64 on 25.3.2015 at 18:40

All the best for you and take care of the money

Reply Written by: Anonymous on 26.3.2015 at 10:47

I am the next Winner !!!!!

Reply Written by: G.Z on 27.3.2015 at 23:52

I am the next Winner , wish all the Best .

Reply Written by: G.Z on 27.3.2015 at 23:55

winner haaaa

Reply Written by: salvatore on 2.8.2015 at 2:40