PlayEuroLotto’s Lotto Predictions for 2017

Lotto Predictions for 2017

2016 was many things – fascinating, inspiring, even tragic – but it was rarely predictable. Over the last twelve months we’ve seen everything from shakeups in Europe’s leading lotteries to a world record win over in the United States – a veritable feast of lottery news. So what does 2017 have in store for us? The lotto futurologists here at PlayEuroLotto have put their heads together to bring you our lotto predictions for 2017 – let’s see if any of these prophesies come true over the coming months!

Powerball is going to deliver another billion-euro blow-out

It feels like a very long time has passed since we delivered the news of Powerball’s world record-breaking € 1.38 billion payout in January 2016. The last few months of Powerball draws have been remarkably quiet by the game’s own standards, but we expect the world’s richest lottery to be back with a bang – and possibly another world record jackpot – in the new year.

In 2016, Powerball exceeded its projected ticket sales by $96 million – an amazing performance in contrast with declining sales at several of the brand’s nearest competitors. We believe the sure outcome of this popular success will be another jackpot in the billion-euro region. It’s only a question of when!

We may see bigger jackpot levels in EuroJackpot

2016 ended on an incredibly strong note for Europe’s second-best-known multinational lottery, EuroJackpot. As we crossed the threshold of New Year’s Eve and passed into January, the EuroJackpot prize fund stood at its maximum level of € 90 million. This was the third instance of a maximum jackpot in the lottery’s history, and the second in 2016 alone.

EuroJackpot matches or beats its big European rival EuroMillions in several ways. The odds are better, and the game’s potential audience is even larger. But at an impressive € 190 million, the maximum jackpot for EuroMillions is over twice the level of EuroJackpot’s € 90 million.

As a result of these factors, and considering the context of rising jackpot levels throughout the world’s biggest lotteries, we think it’s highly likely that we’re going to see a raising of the EuroJackpot jackpot cap in the next year, or very soon after. We love EuroJackpot for what it is and we wouldn’t want the game to change very much – but now that the jackpot cap level has been reached on three separate occasions, we believe there’s enough wiggle room for this great European lottery to ascend to nine-figure jackpot territory.

Lotteries will get more international AND more local…

Whether they’re buying groceries at the supermarket or deciding which lottery to place a bet on, people really value choice. What we’re seeing throughout global lottery, and what we are replicating here at PlayEuroLotto, is a move away from the culture of playing a single national lottery, and towards on-demand participation in a whole galaxy of games from all over the world. If I’m a lottery player in Germany and I want to bet on today’s Powerball draw in the United States, why shouldn’t I? If I’m a player in Slovakia who wants to try out EuroMillions, I’m going to use an online site to do it.

Not only will this broadening of choice see lottery players participating in lotteries from distant lands; it will also encourage players to look closer to home and participate in smaller local games. As more players become aware of how their choice of draw can affect their opportunities and customer experience, more obscure lotteries are going to see their ticket sales increase.

…and they will also get slightly more high tech!

Lottery is a very traditional activity with millennia of history behind it, so it should come as no surprise that the game has been known to lag behind the rate of technological advances at various points.

Here at PlayEuroLotto, we’re proud to be at the head of the pack as far as lotto innovation is concerned. We’ve got rid of environmentally damaging paper tickets, we email you immediately whenever you win a prize, and we’ve worked hard to provide you with an unbeatable online lottery experience.

However, many others in the lottery industry are stuck in the past. In 2017 we can expect to see more gradual moves towards the 21st Century from these lotto dinosaurs. A number of national games are now looking into ditching paper tickets, and we may even see some big brands improving their online service… but for cutting-edge lotto, you know where it’s at ;).

Here’s to a wonderful, extra-lucky New Year!

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