The PowerBall Fortune Cookie Phenomenon

The PowerBall Fortune Cookie

The PowerBall Fortune Cookie

Winning Powerball numbers for 30/03/05: 22, 28, 32, 33, 39, 42. Numbers printed in Wonton Food Inc PowerBall Fortune Cookie: 22, 28, 32, 33, 39, 40

How numbers are picked

We all have our own ways of picking lottery numbers, whether that’s by choosing the birthdays of loved ones, house numbers, the dates of important events, important ages from throughout our lives, those mysterious winning numbers from the TV show Lost (remember that!?), etc. Some of us even choose numbers printed on those little strips of paper contained inside fortune cookies…

The fortune cookie phenomenon

This last method turned out to be a smart move for Americans who entered the Powerball draw. One of the world’s biggest lotteries held on March 30th 2005. The draw saw a record total of 110 second-prize winners claiming a total payout of $19,400,000 each. From all the players, 89 received $100,000, whilst the remaining 21 won $500,000 each as they were ‘Power Play’ selections. It was all thanks to one little fortune cookie production line in New York State…

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35 Million

Unwittingly, Wonton Food Inc of Long Island City had achieved the unbelievable and printed five out of six winning Powerball numbers on thousands of forntues for the March’s draw. Thousands of Americans had the key to a life-changing cash win sat right in the middle of their dinner plates! The fortune printed alongside the numbers read, “All the preparation you’ve done will finally be paying off”.

Suspicion of foul play

Unfortunately, the closest state hosting Powerball at that time was Conneticut. Therefore, none of the workers got to share in the incredible luck that had rolled out of their factory.

At first, Powerball’s operators suspected foul play. Such a high number of identical tickets winning big was highly unusual. Nevertheless, once the incredible coincidence of the fortune cookies had been revealed, the lucky winners then received their payouts. Speaking to Fox News at the time of this bizarre fortune cookie phenomenon, Multi-State Lottery Association marketing director Doug Orr commented: “With the systems reporting so many plays of 22-28-32-33-39 and Powerball 40, it is likely that most drew their luck from that very fortunate cookie.”

So there you have it! PowerBall Fortune Cookie has shown hundreds of people that winning lottery is not just a myth. So the next time you crack a fortune cookie and see some lottery printed numbers, why not just give them a try.

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