Powerball Winner Mavis Wanczyk Bags $758.7 million Jackpot

A lottery player from the United States has won the largest lottery prize ever paid out to a single ticketholder. Powerball winner Mavis Wanczyk was the only entrant to hit the jackpot combination in the Wednesday night draw on August 23rd, which made her the sole recipient of the draw’s mammoth $758.7 million jackpot.

Who is Mavis Wanczyk?

Until last Thursday, Mavis Wanczyk was just a normal person like you and I. Now she’s someone extraordinary.

We’re lucky to know far more about Mrs Wanczyk than we do about many other top lotto winners, as she has chosen to waive her right to anonymity.

  • She’s a 53-years-old mother-of-two;
  • She comes from Chicopee, Massachusetts;
  • She was working as a nurse before her big win;
  • And most importantly, she’s now one of the richest people on the planet!

In a press conference set up to formally announce her win, Wanczyk told reporters “my pipe dream has finally come true”. The ex-nurse says she never plans to work again – and we can hardly blame her.

Such is the scale of Wanczyk’s win that local police have started doing extra patrols in her area, to ensure she doesn’t get too much unwanted attention. Presumably it won’t be long until this remarkable Powerball winner moves to a more secure – and luxurious – location.

What’s the story of the win?

Mrs Wanczyk bought her winning ticket from the Pride Station & Store in her hometown of Chicopee, for the princely sum of $2. She’s made a pretty nice return on that investment!

Interestingly, Wanczyk has revealed that as well as enjoying the Powerball lottery, she is also a keen player of the ancient Chinese game keno. This is the game which many experts believe to have started the whole history of lottery, thousands of years ago.

Wanczyk plays keno with the number 4 every week – and she says this is why she used the same number as the Powerball on her winning ticket.

Her winning numbers were as follows:

6, 7, 16, 23, 26, with the Powerball number 4.

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What happens with the prize money?

Mrs Wanczyk could have claimed her full jackpot prize in the form of annuity payments, which would have meant receiving the jackpot in yearly chunks.

Instead, the lucky winner chose to claim her prize as a $443 million lump sum – more than enough, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Not only does Mrs Wanczyk get an eye-watering prize – so too does the store where she bought her ticket. The Pride Station & Store is set to receive a $50,000 commission for its role in this incredible story. It’s owner, Bob Bolduc, says he’ll be donating the money to local children’s charities.

Is this the biggest lottery win ever?

Yes and no.

You may recall that in January 2016, Powerball paid out a world record jackpot fund worth over $1.6 billion – considerably bigger than the $758.7 million prize offered in Wanczyk’s draw.

However, that record-breaking jackpot from last year ended up being shared out between three winning tickets. In terms of advertised value, Wanczyk’s win was only the second biggest lottery jackpot ever paid out – but because she was the only winner in the draw, her prize win goes down in history as the biggest ever for one player.

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It’s easy to look at American lottery winners like Mavis Wanczyk and feel jealous. How come they get to play for these historic prizes, while the rest of the world has to make do with jackpots several times smaller?

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When will there be another jackpot this big?

Powerball changed its rules back in 2015, to allow more players to win gigantic prizes like the one we’ve just seen. Since then, we’ve witnessed an amazing total of seven jackpots over $400 million.

If this rate continues, we are likely to see another gigantic jackpot before the year is out. Our best advice is that you stay tuned in to the PlayEuroLotto blog. Our readers never miss out on a massive draw!

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