Millionaire Dogs That Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Life Choices

millionaire dogs

Okay ladies and gentlemen, we have some bad news for you and some good news… the bad news is that there are dogs out there – actual four-legged, waggly-tailed dogs – who are living a more luxurious life than you and I could even imagine. How is that fair, exactly? The good news is that these millionaire dogs are 100% adorable, and we’ve collected them here for your viewing pleasure…

Snoop, is that you?

He may be cute and fluffy, but this little guy drives a hard bargain.


Destination: The White House

Despairing at the quality of candidates in the US presidential election, these classy hounds are heading straight to Washington D.C. to stake their own claim to become leaders of the free world. They’ve never sent an incriminating email in their lives, and we can categorically say that they are WAY smarter than Donald Trump.


We wouldn’t mess with this guy!

Rumour has it he made his millions dealing crystal meth, but don’t let him hear you say that…


Your crew just doesn’t come close to this

We can only assume that the fourth pug which completes this rather adorable set is missing because they’re the one taking the photo. They look just like furry little lottery winners!


Miami’s most eligible bachelor

We only started to truly appreciate this photo when we realised those are specially-made, dog-sized sunglasses. Pimpin’


Nothing says «I love you» like a pupper on a private jet

This cute little critter comes complete with two dozen red roses, a designer baseball cap and a luxuriously upholstered private plane. Could this be the best Valentine’s gift set of all time?


A ride fit for a Queen

What is it about dogs and Audis? If our photographic evidence is anything to go by, they’re a match made in heaven. This flashy lady is rocking the Paris Hilton look with that bright pink collar.


When one watch simply isn’t enough…

This photo just goes to show that you don’t really need to be able to read a watch in order to wear it well. As if to reinforce the point, this handsome canine is wearing two. Now be a good dog and DON’T EAT THAT BREITLING!


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All images sourced from Rich Dogs of Instagram