Rule Changes: SuperEnalotto Just Got Way Easier to Win

Rule Changes SuperEnalotto

Is it true that it’s going to be easier to win SuperEnalotto prizes in 2016?

2016 marks the start of a new era for Italy’s national game SuperEnalotto, as a raft of Rule Changes SuperEnalotto designed to improve player experience and ticket sales are brought into play. These SuperEnalotto FAQs cover the most crucial aspects of the rule changes – and what exactly the tweaks will mean for players.

We’re happy to say that SuperEnalotto prize wins are becoming far more likely in 2016 – sixteen times likelier than before in fact! There’s now a brilliant 1 in 20 chance of a win whenever you play, which means there’ll surely be regular cash rewards for frequent players. SuperEnalotto was always known as a tough lotto to crack – but that reputation will no longer apply.

Win SuperEnalotto now

The key factor behind the increased chance of a win will be a new bottom prize tier, which will pay out a five Euro prize to players who match just two of their six numbers with the numbers drawn. This generous new prize is going to make SuperEnalotto a totally different game – and a much kinder one.

Will the jackpot be harder to win now?

No! SuperEnalotto are almost doubling the percentage of their revenues that’s paid to players as prize money. While slightly increasing their (very low) ticket prices. As such, there has been no need to make the jackpot harder to win by adding more balls into the draw.

Is anything else changing?

There’ll be no big gameplay changes to get your head around, but one big change that’s likely to come about as a result of SuperEnalotto’s makeover is an increase in the scale of the jackpot prizes on offer. More prizes generally means more ticket sales, and bigger jackpot potential as a result.

When will the new rules take effect?

Organisers are yet to confirm a date. They say the changes will take effect ‘in early 2016’. Probably on 2nd February.

I’m not Italian. Can I play SuperEnalotto anyway?

Yes! So long as you’re of legal gambling age you can play SuperEnalotto wherever you are, via PlayEuroLotto. Just click the link below and follow the instructions for a taste of Italy’s favourite lotto.

Not sure which lotto to play? Here’s some advice.

With regards to these rule changes PlayEuroLotto will increase the price from €1,5 to €2,5.

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