Seven Crazy Ways to Spend a EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot

Financial responsibility, investments, debt repayments – for an event as life-changing as winning the lottery, the subject can really have the shine taken off it by less-than-lush language and the most boring of details. Fear not, however: PlayEuroLotto know that for the average lottery player the most interesting ways to spend winnings are usually the maddest, so here are seven crazy ways to spend a EuroMillions lottery jackpot – worth €xx million!

Buy Lots of Islands

An absolute classic when it comes to lottery dreams, you might think that private islands are super-expensive and for celebrities only. Perhaps even out of the reach of lucky lottery winners…

Well, you’d be wrong – with the jackpot, you could afford hundreds of them! Islands in Canada’s Nova Scotia region start from just $125,000, and you can even get your own slice of Caribbean heaven off the coast of Nicaragua for a mere $250,000. Splash a bit more of your winnings and you can enjoy a place to stay in the South Pacific; even more, and get a quaint hideaway off the coast of Tuscany. As long as you’ve got enough cash left over to cover a few boats, mooring fees and plenty of fishing rods, a life of island-hopping seclusion could be yours!

Forget Supercars – Buy a Rocket Car Instead!

Lottery winners can venture well and truly into the realms of conspicuous consumption, so why not burn fuel in the loudest, most noticeable way possible – via rocket engine! With a rocket car you’ll be the envy of supercar owners everywhere, at with the total cost of the famous Bloodhound SSC rocket car coming to around €68,000,000, if you win a really big jackpot you’ll still have plenty of cash left over for the fuel, which should only cost a few hundred Euros per tank!

Make Your Home Ridiculously Bling

There’s no sense approaching your win tentatively, so, what better than utterly supercharging one of the most important winners’ purchases by getting a golden house!

Yes, it will be extraordinarily expensive – taking the average weight of a house (320,000 pounds for a three-bed), then multiplying it by the cost of an ounce (€1,116.75), gives you an overall cost of €5,717,760,000… hmm, more than a little bit larger than the jackpot then.

But what about gold leaf? Well, with ten 4.5 sq cm sheets of 24ct gold leaf costing about €4 on Amazon, the price of covering your home in gold only comes to about €10 per square metre. Not all that expensive, really, even if you’ve decided to splash on a mega mansion. Just make sure to cover the walls with glass or Perspex to keep the sheen!

Source: Frinkiac

Better Than Google

There once was a time when, if you and your friends disagreed on a piece of trivia, you’d have to flick through an encyclopaedia, grab a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records or accept that you simply don’t know the answer. With the advent of Google, these insignificant (but in the moment, incredibly important) questions are now speedily answered via smartphone.

That’s fine, but what if you could find out the answers yourself? Winning the EuroMillions jackpot, you’ll be able to settle trivia beefs for good, hiring a staff on retainer that you can call up any time there’s a disagreement on a fact between you and your friends. Just call them up, tell them what they need to find out, and receive a call a few hours later with the answer. It’d be slow and cost thousands of Euros each time, but who cares – you’ve got millions to spend!

Enjoy as Much Sun as You Like

Life certainly gets sunnier when a lottery win occurs, but sometimes the weather doesn’t get 100% on board with the excitement surrounding a win. Step forward, cloud seeding. With this $150,000 (€128,666) per day service, you can make the clouds rain when it’s most convenient, leaving the skies bright and clear – perfect for soaking up the rays in your private pool, or from the balcony of your high-rise apartment.

For a month, this service costs about $4,500,000 (€3,859,900) – palatable by lottery standards – and for a year’s worth, you’d need a whopping $54,750,000 (€46,962,000). Spending all your record-breaking winnings on two years of sun would certainly make the headlines!

Soundtrack Your Life

Ever thought what your theme might be in a movie made about you? We’ve all wondered, but as a lottery winner, you can easily make it happen. Pretty simple, all you need to do is hire teams of crack improvisational musicians to follow you around your day-to-day. A bright, stirring string quartet as you wake up, then a snappy, percussive bit of jazz on your shopping trip – you might even be able to squeeze in a small solo guitarist behind the seat of your Ferrari if you’re lucky.

Become a Wacky Inventor

So, you’ve hired your in-house Googling squad, but what can they help you with when you’re not arguing with your mates at the bar? By building you tailor-made inventions, that’s what!

We’ve all dreamt up a few crazy inventions in our time, whether that’s a see-through toaster, full-body umbrella or baby clothes that double up as a mop, but with lottery money you’ll be able to make your dream inventions come to life whenever they pop in your head. The cost will obviously differ depending on the invention – toasters would be easy, amphibious cars less so – yet you might end up creating a useful, popular product worth millions.

With the ideas above, your lottery spending horizons have been well and truly broadened! Play now and the crazy lottery life could soon be yours, or find out 5 easy ways to change your life for the better.