How to share lottery tickets safely

Lotto syndicates are big money, accounting for one quarter of all jackpot wins. The benefits of sharing lottery tickets are clear in every new headline about an office syndicate or group of friends winning a big prize. But sometimes syndicates go wrong – when the members can’t decide how to share its winnings, for example. Join us as we talk through how to share lottery tickets safely, to ensure you can get the best out of syndicate play, risk-free.

What is a lottery syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is a group of people who all individually enter a lottery, in the agreement that any prizes won will be shared out between all members of the group, in proportion to the percentage of lottery lines each player bought.

For example, if a syndicate of ten people enters one line each into a draw, and one of those lines wins a prize worth E1,000, each member of the syndicate will receive €100.

Or, if there are six people in a syndicate and one person enters five lines into the draw while the others only enter one each, the same prize payout would be broken down as follows:

€1.000 total

  • €500 to player who bought five lines
  • €100 each to the players who bought one line each

This system gives everyone a fair payout for their investment.

Lottery syndicates come in all shapes and sizes, for example:

  • Small groups of friends who make an informal agreement to share their prizemoney if any one of them wins
  • Office/workplace syndicates
  • Professional online syndicates

When lottery syndicates go wrong

Later in this article we’ll tell you about the safest ways to play in a lottery syndicate – but first we’re going to tell you about a sobering example of what can happen when a lottery syndicate goes wrong…

Source: Daily Mail

The man in the photograph is called Gary Baron – but he’s better known as Australia’s ‘Lotto Rat’. Back in 2014, Baron won a lottery jackpot worth $16.6 million Australian dollars as part of a syndicate with 14 of his colleagues.

This jaw-dropping win should have been cause for celebration for everybody in the syndicate – but sadly, Baron had other ideas. The ‘Lotto Rat’ had taken $20 each from his colleagues for tickets to enter into the $16.6 million draw. However, he claimed to have bought the one winning ticket separately, for himself. He withheld the winnings from his syndicate-mates and proceeded to spend big on a new house and a $200,000 convertible BMW M4.

Thankfully, justice has since been served, and Baron has been compelled by law to share at least some of the winnings with his colleagues. Whether each member received their full share has not yet been announced.

The tale of ‘Lotto Rat’ Baron and his unfortunate syndicate-mates just goes to show the importance of taking syndicate play seriously. Sure, you can trust a colleague to take your €20 to the store to buy a lottery ticket… but can you trust them to bring back your €1 million if the ticket is a winner?

How to share lottery tickets safely

Don’t let con artists like Gary Baron put you off playing as part of a syndicate. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to share lottery tickets safely:

  • Play with people you absolutely trust – if you’re playing with close family members or your very best friends, you should be able to trust them to act fairly in the event of a big win
  • Create a simple contract and keep receipts for the tickets you buy – this option is perfectly suited for syndicates with work colleagues or groups of casual acquaintances
  • Play as part of an official online syndicate

This third option – playing with an online syndicate – is perhaps the best of the bunch, as it places onus on the syndicate organiser to ensure the terms of the syndicate are honoured.

PlayEuroLotto offers a range of syndicate products, and as your vendor and an officially licensed gaming operator we are required by law to pay you every penny you deserve. That sure beats blindly trusting a colleague you hardly know.

Playing as part of a PlayEuroLotto syndicate

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