Slovakian Player Wins Big On PlayEuroLotto

Slovakian Player Wins Big On PlayEuroLotto

What’s on in Slovakia today ?

PlayEuroLotto has received some amazing news from Slovakia this week! PlayEuroLotto Slovakian player wins big and bagged a second tier prize on the Euromillions, receiving 284,245.52 Euro! The winning player, a 34 year old man from Eastern Slovakia, wished to remain anonymous and is likely sipping (or investing!) his hard earned cash at this very moment!

Our Slovakian friend is testament to the potential for big wins via our lottery betting service. The Marketing Director of Kootac NV, Danny Thomas had this to say about the amazing win: “We’re so happy to have a big prize winner; this proves we are a serious company and shows we have a sound and professional risk management in place that our players can trust”.

The director’s testimonial

Thomas is correct in his assertions; though there are several other lottery betting sites on the net, only a slim few are run in a professional, capable manner. With PlayEuroLotto firmly in that camp, how do our winners exactly go about receiving their prize money? First, you have to have had a ticket in a draw; it’s a no-brainer, but is a very important step. Second, you’ve got to win on that ticket. This might seem like the most difficult step, but in the immortal words of Donald Trump, everything in life is luck! Make the lotto picks that you’re gut tells you to choose, and you’ll do just fine! So you’ve won.

One interrogation remains

The question remains, however- how do you get hold of all that cold hard cash? First, the winner is sent a claims form that must then be correctly filled in with all relevant details. After our lottery men and women receive it, the form is then forwarded to our insurers who subsequently check the claim. This part takes around three days, as it’s necessary to ensure everything is perfectly in place to securely provide payment. After the claims form has been checked by our insurers and all appears to be above board, the money is sent to us, and a declaration form is then sent to the winner, outlining that he or she has accepted the prize and subsequently wishes to have the amount credited to his bank account.

After this, the money is transferred to the winner. Easy! You may be wondering; where’s the website’s cut in amongst all this? The answer is, it comes from other PlayEuroLotto betting services!

PlayEuroLotto avoids the bad habits of its competitors and pays out in full, with no handling fees.

Who’d ever have thought internet lottery betting could be so good!? Our friend in Slovakia certainly thinks so now.

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I´m playing also everything on this side, but no wins…Even I have good business ideas, I just need for it some money… But I wanna meet this guy from Slovakia, cause I´m coming too, from East Slovakia…
And I will have some suggestions about the business in our country..
So, please, ask him, to get in the contact with me this guy…
Many, many thanks, regards, G&D

Reply Written by: Gabriela Dolinska on 27.8.2014 at 15:09

Hi am interested in playing the euromillions jackpots but i just have a problem of depositing money to purchase euromillions tickets here in SOUTH AFRICA,are there offices that i can go and ask about deposit money

Reply Written by: collen on 31.8.2014 at 17:47

    Jerald, we can assure you that all the winners are reall people. If you still haven’t won try some of ours syndidacte products which increase your chances to win. Grab your chance and don’t give up. Good luck and have fun!

    Reply Written by: Monika on 3.11.2014 at 18:00

    Hello Daniel,
    we are proud to say that have already paid out more than 20 000 000€ to our winners.

    Reply Written by: Monika on 3.11.2014 at 18:01

but how much money have you paid in total since you’ve opened the website?

Reply Written by: Daniel Samson on 14.10.2014 at 11:01

i live in ausstraila how much tax you take out of prize

Reply Written by: tommy on 26.10.2014 at 1:33

    Hi Tommy,
    we do not withhold any tax or fees on the winnings. However, you may be due taxes in your country and we suggest consulting a local tax advisor, should you win a major prize.

    Reply Written by: Monika on 3.11.2014 at 18:00

Hi THERE. I also played with you and NEVER won. Is this Slovakia player real?

Reply Written by: Jerald on 1.11.2014 at 6:46

Hi Collen,
if you have a problem with depositing money please contact our customer support at They will advise you an appropriate method of payment for you.

Reply Written by: Monika on 3.11.2014 at 18:01

i am from india is it possible to play on ur site and is it easy to claim large amount prize won that too online means bank transfer or some other method instesd of coming personally to receive prize

Reply Written by: manoj on 6.2.2016 at 7:58


I would just like to let the naysayers know that i have been playing with PlayEuroLotto for a long time, meaning before it’s change of website name and whenever i had a number(s) correct, the people of this website have ALWAYS paid me my winnings! Luck, intuition & a manifestational mindset is key! Negativity will never help you achieve anything in life, change your mindset & watch your dreams unfold right before your eyes!

Reply Written by: Lottery Winner on 10.8.2016 at 17:19