WATCH: Stranger Gives Homeless Man ‘Winning’ Ticket

Stranger Gives Homeless Man ‘Winning’ Ticket

Stranger Gives Homeless Man ‘Winning’ Ticket

After working the nine to five for however many years, slogging it out in the business world or in some tedious profession, individuals who win the lottery aren’t well known for immediately giving away all of their money. Yes, there may be a few piecemeal donations to favoured charities or causes here and there, perhaps cash gifts to family and friends, but overall, lottery winners do tend to keep hold of their currency. They are completely entitled to all of it, after all! However there are some white-hearted souls, who rise above the cash and excess, using all of their winnings for good ! When a Stranger Gives Homeless Man ‘Winning’ Ticket

Rahat & Homeless Man – USA

Youtube star Rahat is known for his zany videos, but decided to do some good in March this year. Having seen a local homeless man nearby that he had always admired, he decided to see what would happen if he gave him a ‘winning’ lottery ticket (the store clerk was also in on the ‘prank’). The million-view star approached the man, handing him the ticket and saying it was his to keep. The stunned man questioned Rahat, then came with him into the shop, hesitantly exchanged the winning ticket and was given the wad of notes. In a true act of kindness however, he decided to give Rahat half of the money. The two tearfully embraced before going out for a meal, after which Rahat bought the man a hotel room, a bike and some clothes. If only all humans were this loving!

László Andraschek – Hungary

Mr Andraschek was homeless when he decided to throw caution to the wind and spend his last few coins on a lottery ticket. Few days later, he found out that he had correctly matched all seven numbers. He cashed out his winning for a total amount of 630m Hungarian forints (£1.7m, €2.14m)! Unlike most winners though, the lucky gentleman decided to use his money for good. After buying flats for his children, settling his debts and going on his first ever holiday to Italy, he decided to use the rest of the money to found a centre for drug and alcohol addicts and abused women.

Tom Crist – Canada

Being a CEO doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy playing the lottery. As for Tom Crist, all of his dreams came true when he guessed the numbers and pocketed himself $40 million (€31 million)! Tom decided, however, that instead of becoming a member of the super-rich, he’d give each and every penny of his winnings to charity, in memory of his deceased wife.