The world’s biggest lottery winners

The World’s Biggest Lottery Winners

It’s no secret that winning the lottery will make you rich – in some games even a runner-up prize can make you a millionaire. All lotto winners gain serious spending power when they claim their winnings; but for a select few winners, the trappings of the world’s social elite beckon. The planet’s biggest lottery winners of all time can call on the kind of fabulous wealth that’s typically the preserve of oil barons, tech entrepreneurs and royalty. Here’s a little personal info on some of the very richest among them:

Colin and Chris Weir – €222 million

world’s biggest lottery winners

The family name of ‘The Weirs’ has been synonymous throughout the United Kingdom with the remarkable possibilities offered by the EuroMillions lottery since their European record-breaking win in July 2011. The Weirs’ lotto windfall sky-rocketed the couple onto The Sunday Times UK rich list, alongside the likes of Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling and renowned entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne. The generous duo have bought flashy cars for a host of their friends since their life-changing win.

Merle and Pat Butler – €190 million

Retirees Merle and Pat Butler made the headlines all over the world when they cashed in one of the three winning tickets in the world’s richest ever lottery draw on March 30th 2012. The pair claimed a third of the world record MegaMillions jackpot fund – valued at $656 million, and proved themselves to be resolutely mature in their approach to their new-found wealth, immediately enlisting the help of financial advisors as they drew up a savvy investment plan. The other winners of in the landmark MegaMillions draw chose to remain anonymous – a right that is not recognised in the Butlers’ native Illinois.

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Image source: Ibtimes