This Lotto Winner Nearly Set Her Ticket on Fire

People in New Zealand take Mother’s Day pretty seriously. So much so, in fact, that the New Zealand Lotto holds a special promotion to celebrate the date every year. This year’s top prize was an Audi A1 – and as we’ll soon learn, the winner of this glittering prize nearly set her lucky ticket on fire!

An unnamed woman from Waikato, New Zealand has come within a proverbial cinder’s width of accidentally burning her winning lottery ticket.

The prize-winner, a dairy farmer who has elected to remain anonymous, told reporters she had gone online as usual, to find out whether she’d won a prize with her regular lottery numbers.

She hadn’t won the jackpot – but what she didn’t realise was that she had won an Audi A1, worth over € 15.000, in the Lotto’s special Mother’s Day promotion.

“I checked my Lotto tickets first and saw I had won a couple of Bonus Tickets which I was happy with,” she said.

“Then I had a quick glance at the Mother’s Day promo results, but didn’t think I’d won anything, so tossed my ticket in a pile of paper to be burnt and thought nothing more of it.”

A pile of paper to be burnt!? That’s no place for an Audi Coupon. The winner realised the scale of her error the next day, while visiting the store where she bought her winning ticket.

“I was waiting in line to claim the Bonus Tickets I had won, when I saw a poster at the counter saying that the store had sold an Audi A1.

“I told the Lotto lady that I didn’t think they’d sold a big winner, so I’d chucked my ticket in the bin. She told me that I better go home and get it out of the bin, just in case.”

To her amazement, when she took the screwed up ticket out of the bin and checked it against the draw results on her computer, the woman realised she had won an Audi! It’s a good job she listened to that sales assistant’s advice…

“One look at the screen and there was my voucher number, as clear as day. I was in total disbelief. I called my husband to check I wasn’t seeing things.”

It was only after celebrating her win that the woman reflected on how close she had come to burning her ticket – and her claim on the prize!

“We normally burn our rubbish on Sundays but hadn’t this week because of the weather. So it was actually really lucky we still had the ticket – we could have been rummaging through the ashes otherwise!”

Happily, the ticket was intact, and the winner was able to head over to the store and pick up her prize the next day. She had norrowly avoided becoming one of the world’s unluckiest lotto winners! She said:

“I think the Lotto lady was surprised to see me. She was so happy for us and we gave her a bunch of flowers to say thank you for reuniting us with our prize.

“I guess the moral of the story is to double check your tickets before throwing them away or take them in store — you just never know.”

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