Thou Shalt Win Big! Lotto Winner Kept Ticket in Her Bible

Where do you like to keep your lottery tickets? On your desk? In your underwear? Online in your PlayEuroLotto account? We’ve heard of people stashing their tickets in all sorts of places – but this is one we’ve never heard before… A lotto player from Hamilton, New Zealand has won a million dollars, and she reportedly decided to keep her winning ticket in her Bible!

The Good Book isn’t typically associated with bringing good fortune to gamblers, but that didn’t stop an anonymous New Zealand woman from stowing her jackpot-winning ticket in her Bible.

This pious lotto winner lives in Hamilton, New Zealand. Source: Hamilton Real Estate

The unnamed player had won a $1 million NZD prize in a New Zealand Lotto First Division draw, and she made the snap decision that her Bible was the safest place to store the ticket overnight. She had picked up the winning ticket from her local store.

“I normally buy a Power Dip, but with the Mother’s Day promotion on I decided that I would treat myself to a Triple Dip — you just never know,” the lucky winner told local reporters.

She went on to describe the exhilarating moments when she discovered she had just become a millionaire:

“I grabbed my ticket from my wallet and started writing down the numbers as they came out. It was all pretty hectic, as I was trying to scan my ticket to see if I’d won anything at the same time.

“When I saw we had all six in a row my legs started shaking – I couldn’t stand up. The kids got in on the action and we were all laughing and carrying on.”

It was an amazing moment for the lucky winner, but now she found herself in a quandary: where to keep that precious winning ticket?

“I was so worried I’d lose it overnight somehow, so spent a while thinking about where to put it. I ended up tucking it away inside the Bible next to my bed – it just seemed like a safe place.”

The winner has revealed her plans for her million-dollar windfall:

“I want to make sure all the important things are looked after and then I’ll treat the family a bit. I’ve always wanted to fly business class, so I think there will be a family holiday on the cards soon.”

We hope she’ll remember to slip a few dollars onto her local church’s donations plate too!

Where do lottery players store their tickets?

Imagine how you’d feel about your lottery ticket if you just found out it had won you a jackpot. You wouldn’t let it out of your sight.

It should come as no surprise, then, that one of the most popular places for lottery winners to stash their winning tickets is in their underwear. Cases of female winners keeping their winning tickets in their bras are especially common.

Aside from bras and bibles, we’ve also heard of lottery winners keeping their lucky tickets in safes, under paperweights, and even in their hands. Once you’ve won a jackpot, there could be no higher priority than claiming it safely.