Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations Ever

the best holiday destinations

Playeurolotto takes you arround for a world tour with our Top 10 best holiday destinations. Earth is a wonderful place brimming with a multitude of magical experiences that are just waiting to happen. And you don’t even need to be a multi-millionaire like last week’s EuroMillions Superdraw winner to get out there and enjoy the world’s wonders for yourself. Here are our top 10 favourite holiday destinations on the planet. Whether you’re mega-rich or a normal guy or gal, it’s time to start dreaming right now :

Here are our Top 10 best holiday destinations:

1. Dubrovnik

The ancient Croatian city of Dubrovnik has been thrust into the international spotlight in recent years, as the location doubling up as King’s Landing in HBO’s TV phenomenon Game of Thrones. The city, known as ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’, truly is a treasure, with plenty of fascinating attractions including the Strada and a selection of beautiful coves and beaches.

the best holiday destinations

2. Berlin

Take a weekend break in the German capital and you’ll be yelling ‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’ before you know it! This rejuvenated metropolis is one of Europe’s contemporary culture hotspots, and it’s also blissfully warm in the summer.


3. Morocco

Whether you lust for the bustle of the bazaars in Fes and Marrakech or you long to sample the haunting beauty of the Sahara, Morocco is a gem of a destination.

4. Tokyo

Whether you’re into geek culture, city skylines or simply snacking on sushi, Tokyo is a magical and futuristic travel destination!


5. Iceland

Iceland is one of the most geologically ‘young’ locations on the planet, and it shows. With surreal landscapes, volcanic activity aplenty and a prime viewing location for the aurora borealis, this must surely be one of the most amazing places in existence.

6. Yellowstone Park

Lying in the terrifyingly vast crater of a super-volcano, Yellowstone (fun fact: it was the first ever national park) is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, and can call itself home to wild wolves, geysers and some of North America’s most spectacular mountain scenery.

7. London

Love it or hate it, London boasts many of Europe’s greatest historical and cultural destinations, from Buckingham Palace to Ronnie Scott’s jazz club!


8. Rio de Janeiro

Rapidly developing Rio is a city at a crossroads. Catch it now to experience an intoxicating combination of unique favela culture and beach bling.

9. Goa

While Many travellers head out to the Indian coastal region of Goa and like it so much they never come back. Open your mind and jet off to this sun-kissed paradise!


10. New York

The ultimate melting pot, New York offers you the American Dream, intoxicatingly mixed and served up in a gargantuan portion!