Top 10 Lottery Daydreams Pretty Much All Of Us Have Had

Imagine winning a jackpot worth millions. What would you do? These are our top 10 lottery daydreams – here’s hoping that one day they’ll come true!

10) Quitting your job

If you’re unlucky enough to be in a job that’s not exactly everything you deserve, we’re pretty confident you’ll be all too familiar with this particular daydream!


9) Rubbing it in the faces of your enemies

Most people know someone who would be bitterly jealous to hear about them winning the lottery. Wouldn’t it be great to rub their noses in it? “Hey so-and-so who used to pick on me at school, check out my penthouse! You peaked too early, you m***********.” Boy, that would be sweet.


8) Two words, one dream: Trampoline room

Because let’s face it: you’ll have plenty of rooms going spare in your lotto winner’s mansion.

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7) Doing something outrageously decadent

What’s the most decadent thing you’ve ever dreamed of doing? Bathing in champagne? Getting lunch flown over to your place from a Parisian Michelin Star restaurant? Getting everything cast or plated in gold? Whatever your decadent desire may be, you have a sworn duty to make it happen now you’re rich!

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6) Getting that dream makeover

Don’t take this the wrong way, we think you look great, but wouldn’t it be nice to finally get that dream makeover?

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5) Extreme popularity

A lottery winner with philanthropic inclinations can make a lot of friends, extremely quickly.


4) Hanging out with the rich and famous

Who doesn’t want to go grab some pizza with Queen Bey!? The lifestyle of the rich and famous is only ever a lottery win away.


3) Living it up

If you’re a lottery winner, you’ll never have to experience anything less than the best – it’s just lobster and golden caviar for you from here on in!

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2) Hire a team of experts to run your life

Every Khaleesi needs her Tyrion and her Missandei. Every Luke Skywalker needs his Obi Wan. Lottery winners can call on real-life experts of similar prowess to run their affairs impeccably.

1) Dream big

You just won enough money to do pretty much anything in the world. Go on, ride that Nyan Cat, baby.

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