Top 5 Funniest Powerball TV Ads

funniest lottery ads

We’re huge fans of the world-beating Powerball lottery here at PlayEuroLotto. Not only has this game given us the world’s biggest ever lottery prize, it also provides us with bags of fun in every draw. To celebrate this leading light of global lottery, we’ve assembled what we believe to be the 5 funniest Powerball TV ads ever screened. So rich, so witty, so charming… God Bless Powerball!

Invasion from Powerball

Frankly, who wouldn’t love to have an unlimited budget for playing the most wicked prank in the universe on your mates?

We wonder what Powerball’s budget for this incredibly elaborate advert must have been? Surely nowhere near as big as a Powerball jackpot? The budget for the most expensive Hollywood film ever made was the $378.5 million shelled out on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – just a drop in the ocean compared to Powerball’s biggest jackpots.

Lottery Cars (2012)

There are first world problems… and then there are lottery winner problems. This great ad from 2012 imagines the plight of a jackpot winner who simply can’t remember which key unlocks which supercar in his garage. It isn’t all easy, being Powerball rich.

Shopping List (2014)

There are plenty of funny Powerball commercials out there. This little number just snuck onto our list, purely by virtue of how the lotto winner’s bespectacled PA reacts when told he can put himself down for a luxury supercar – speaking as people who encounter an unusually large number of major lottery winners, we would have to say it’s pretty realistic!

Yeah, that kind of rich (2012)

This rib-tickling clip is part of the same series as the Lottery Cars ad mentioned earlier in the article. The advert’s creators make a good point about the practicalities of living the lotto winner’s lifestyle – just how could you keep track of all your everyday essentials whilst living in a fabulous Oriental palace?

Winning Happens! (2014)

If this doesn’t make you feel good, no lottery advert will. For starters, the clip is soundtracked by the inimitable ‘Gimme Some Lovin’’ – in our eyes that’s a key criterion for advert quality ticked off immediately – and the story it tells takes us from the vibrant city streets to the surface of the Moon, all from a lottery winner’s giddy perspective. A beautiful slice of My Name is Earl-style wit and warmth!