Top 7 Amazing Facts about Lottery Syndicates

Whether you’re a member of one or not, there’s no way lottery syndicates haven’t come to your attention by now. Syndicates win a huge percentage of major lottery prizes worldwide, including some of the world’s biggest jackpots. These seven amazing facts about lottery syndicates will give you an idea of what these remarkably successful organisations are all about

No. 1

25% of lottery players play as part of a syndicate according to data from the UK National Lottery – based on set-ups ranging from casual agreements between friends to highly organised syndicates involving tens or hundreds of players.

No. 2

A crafty Australian syndicate spent around $5 million on tickets for a Virginia lottery in 1992. The group bought nearly all possible number combinations for the draw – and their investment was rewarded with a $27 million win! This method, which invariably requires high overall levels of investment, is known as lottery wheeling.

No. 3

A lottery syndicate held one of the winning tickets for one of the biggest lottery prize payouts in history. The trio – known only as ‘The Three Amigos’, won a grand total of $218.6 million in the world record-breaking MegaMillions draw of March 2012. The winning players are said to be education workers, though whether they remain in employment at the time of writing is unclear.

No. 4

As far as we know, the longest-lasting celebration of a lottery win took place at a London pub, where a winning group of syndicate players is said to have celebrated non-stop for nearly two-weeks!

No. 5

The French author Voltaire made his fortune by winning a lottery jackpot as part of a syndicate. He and his partners knew they could tip the odds in their favour by placing a large number of bets.

No. 6

A Finnish lottery syndicate won a record EuroJackpot prize of € 61.170.752,70 EUR in September 2014. EuroJackpot has since paid out higher jackpots, but this win still stands as testament to the tremendous potential of syndicate play.

No. 7

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Image source: GIPHY