Top 7 celebrity private island owners

celebrity private island owners

Top 7 celebrity private island owners

What would the world’s most famous people do without their private islands? These maritime idylls must be amongst the only places on the Earth where celebs can spend time away from the flashing cameras of the paparazzi, and it also just so happens that these islands are some of the most fabulously luxurious, breathtakingly beautiful destinations in existence! Join us as we enviously count down the Top 7 celebrity private island owners:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Imagine an alternative version of Titanic where Jack doesn’t drown and instead ends up washing ashore on a tropical paradise isle. This would be the isle in question. DiCaprio’s own private island lies just off the Great Barrier Reef, and rumours abound that the star is set to develop it into a green tourist resort!

celebrity private island owners

2. Shakira

Her hips may not lie, but we’re guessing Shakira lies back and relaxes often enough on the sun-kissed isle of Bonds Cay. The stunning ‘She Wolf’ singer is working with a team of co-investors to transform the Bahamian island into one of the world’s most remarkable artist’s retreats.


3. Johnny Depp

Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp certainly looked at home on the seven seas as the swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so it comes as no surprise that the island life has won him over! Depp shelled out a reported sum of $3.6 million for the spectacular Little Hall Pond in Exumas.

Johnny Depp

4. Pamela Anderson

Baywatch babe Pam is practically synonymous with sandy beaches, so it makes perfect sense for her to own a private island! Purchased for Anderson by her rock’n’roll lover Tommy Lee, the isle sits just off the coast of oil-rich Dubai.

Pamela Anderson

5. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Country power-couple McGraw and Hill undoubtedly have more than a few dollars to rub together, and if their private Bahamian isle Goat Cay is anything to go by, they’re super-rich! This fully developed island combines extreme luxury with outstanding natural beauty.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

6. David Copperfield

Private Bahamian islands are clearly all the rage. Mega-rich David Copperfield has several of them, including the stunning Musha Cay, which doubles up as a $37,000-per-night holiday resort. A bargain price we’re sure you will agree!

 David Copperfield

7. Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry has a couple of private islands to his name, and White Bay Cay is perhaps the most beautiful. Situated in the Bahamas, this gorgeous spot is 25 acres of sheer bliss!

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