How Top Lottery Winners Ever Spent Their Gains?

Top Lottery Winners Ever

Winning big bucks on the lottery is quite the experience, and when those big cardboard cheques are being handed over hundreds of questions start to pop into the heads of winners. Who do I turn to for advice? Should I acquire the services of a financial advisor? Will this money change me as a person? All of these are, of course, poignant in their own ways, but one question towers above the others in terms of scale and importance; how will I spend all of this money? To cast some light on this question, we took a look at the ways in which the biggest lottery winners every spent their own lottery funds.

Merle & Patricia Butler – Illinois

When the largest jackpot in US history $656,000,000was claimed by three US MegaMillions winners, the sheer amount of publicity surrounding the event meant that only one winner came forward- a couple, Merle and Patricia Butler. The winners decided to spend their $157,000,000 wisely, hiring financial advisors, attorneys and giving a little away to charity. The rest of their spending remains a mystery!

Eddie Nabors – Georgia

52 year-old truck driver Eddie Nabors won big in 2007, sharing the $390,000,000 jackpot with a second winner. With the money Nabors decided to buy a house for his daughter, paid off his family members’ debts and bought a fishing boat for his beloved son. Not wanting it to change his life, Nabors put the rest away and decided to live comfortably from then on.

Jim & Carolyn McCullar – Washington

$380,000,000 is a massive lump sum by any accounts, but the McCullars didn’t let the cash go to their heads. Putting the money in the bank and passing on some to their six children, the couple decided to also donate some money to charity. The couple then keeps the rest locked away for future generations of their family to enjoy.

Holly Lahti – Idaho

Another $380,000,000 winner, Ms Lahti couldn’t face the limelight that came with winning such an earth-shattering sum. She quit her job and went into hiding, but not for the reasons you might be imagining. See, Holly and her ex-lover Josh Lahti had been divorced. Josh was ecstatic when he heard he no longer had to pay child support. Yet for some reason it had not been finalised. Thus, going into hiding was the only way that Holly could stop her ex husband from exercising his legal right to a portion of the money!