5 Reasons Why Women tend to be Better Lotto Players

women better lotto players

Top 5 Reasons Women Better Lotto Players

If, like us, you have worked in the lotto industry for a number of years, you’re likely to have noticed a curious phenomenon: Top 5 Reasons Women Better Lotto Players than men! Of course every man and woman is different. Some women are awful at playing lotto and certain men have a real knack for it. But the numbers don’t lie, women are the game’s biggest winners. Let’s consider some of the traits which could account for womankind’s pre-eminence in the lotto world.

#1. Dreams

The contrast between the daydreams of men and women is stark and revealing. Whereas men’s daydreams are statistically likelier to have their basis in an obsession with physical prowess and explicit sexuality. Women’s daydreams are more varied, with a greater focus on material possessions such as clothes and homeware. It is for precisely this reason that many women are likely to invest more of their energy into winning the lottery. There’s a material dream to finance!

#2. Consistent use of the same numbers

One notable trait amongst female lotto players is a tendency to stick more rigidly to a set – or multiple sets – of numbers every week. Using the same set of numbers repeatedly is widely regarded as a great way to beat the lotto odds.

#3. Persistence

Women are strong, unflappable and persistent in their pursuit of what they want in life. Winning the lottery generally requires a great deal of persistence over a number of years. We certainly think we’d trust most women to stay the course more resiliently than the average man!

#4. Remember dates

Ladies have a world-famous knack for remembering the little things. From the jumper you were wearing all 7 months ago at such-and-such-a-place to the birthdays of their friends and family. The benefit of this trait is two-fold: firstly, if you’re a girl you are less likely to forget the lucky dates you intend to enter into a draw. Secondly you’re less likely to forget to enter in the first place!

#5. Intuition

‘Women’s intuition’ is one of humanity’s enduring mysteries. So esoteric as to draw ridicule from certain quarters, but resolutely backed up by evidence stretching the entire length of recorded history. Sometimes, for whatever reason, women just know, and that’s undoubtedly going to be a helpful quality when it comes to picking your lottery numbers!