The Ultimate PlayEuroLotto Guide to Lottery Syndicates

Syndicates are one of least publicised aspects of lottery gameplay, despite the fact that they claim a huge share of the prize money on offer globally. In fact, around one in every four major national and international lottery jackpots is won by a lottery syndicate.

This complete guide to lottery syndicates is built to tell you exactly what syndicates are, how they operate, and how you can join one today with PlayEuroLotto. Get ready to massively boost your chances of winning a life-changing lottery prize!

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What is a lotto syndicate and how does a syndicate work?

The term ‘lotto syndicate’ refers to a group of lottery players who pool their tickets together in the agreement that if any of the tickets wins a prize, the prize money will be shared between all members of the syndicate, in proportion to each member’s investment of tickets.

For example, if ten players add one ticket each to the syndicate and ten players add two tickets each, there will be a total of thirty syndicate shares. If one of the tickets wins the jackpot, each player receives a share of the prize money according to the number of shares they own. Let’s say the jackpot here is €30 million. In that case, the ten players who added one ticket each to the syndicate will receive €1 million each, while the ten players who added two tickets will receive €2 million each.

How do syndicate odds compare to regular lottery odds?

The key reason why many lottery players choose group play as part of a syndicate is that the odds of winning a big prize in a syndicate are massively higher than they would be if you were playing alone.

For every ticket that’s entered into the lottery by your syndicate, your chance of winning a share of a jackpot goes up. So if 50 tickets are entered into a €100 million lottery and you hold one out of fifty shares, you’ll have a 50 times better chance of winning a €2 million share of that jackpot than your chance of winning the full jackpot would have been if you were playing alone. If your syndicate had played 100 tickets in that same draw and you held one share, your chance of winning €1 million would be 100 times greater than if you were playing alone.

For those of you who are still asking, “Why play syndicate lottery?”, it’s simple: it will give you a greatly increased chance of changing your life.

How to buy syndicate lottery tickets with PlayEuroLotto

PlayEuroLotto offers two outstanding lottery syndicate products that will give you a share in fistfuls of tickets for some of the world’s biggest lotteries. Joining our syndicates is easy – our players simply pay a monthly subscription fee in order to receive secure entry into their syndicate of choice. We do all the hard stuff for you, from acquiring the tickets to managing the distribution of prize money whenever the group wins.

All about PlayEuroLotto’s combi syndicates

  • Euro Combiour EuroMillions-EuroJackpot combi syndicate provides you with shares in 155 lines per week for as little as € 9,90, including 55 lines per EuroMillions draw and 45 lines for every EuroJackpot draw (unlike EuroJackpot, EuroMillions is drawn twice per week).

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  • US Combiour Powerball-MegaMillions combi syndicate provides syndicate entry into the two biggest lotteries on the face of the Earth. For as little as € 8,00 per week, the US Combi syndicate gives you 82 lottery line shares, including 15 MegaMillions lines per draw and 26 Powerball lines per draw. This syndicate product maximises your chance of winning by covering all possible Mega ball and Powerball numbers.

US Combi lottery syndicate

Are there any special lottery syndicate rules I need to abide by?

Lottery syndicates are subject to the normal rules that govern the lotteries they participate in. A syndicate may also agree special rules covering how that syndicate operates. In the case of PlayEuroLotto’s syndicates, players are simply required to provide accurate personal information and pay their subscription fees. Playing through a centralised syndicate system like ours removes the chance of arguments between syndicate members erupting over prize money.

What happens when your syndicate wins?

This will depend upon the syndicate group in which you are operating. If you’re a member of a winning PlayEuroLotto syndicate, you will receive all prize money that is due to you subject to a few simple security checks, which are required by law.

If you’re playing as part of a syndicate with friends or colleagues, it will be down to the members of the syndicate to fairly distribute the prize money.