Lottery Stories You Won’t Believe!

Unbelievable Lottery Tales

Millions and millions of us play the lottery every single week. That’s a whole lot of hopes, dreams and unbelievable Lottery Tales.  Thanks to this one remarkable game. Small wonder then, that some of the most intriguing, inspiring and downright weird tales of our times have involved lotto – here are a few of our very favourites:

Win today, gone tomorrow

January 22nd 2004 have seemed like Carl Atwood’s lucky day. The Indianan OAP had won a fantastic prize worth 67.000 EUR. He was just on his way to the local grocery store when he was knocked down by a truck . His dark clothes were cited as the reason the driver didn’t see him. Atwood died just hours later in hospital, making him one of the shortest term lottery winners in history !

Football philanthropy gone afoul

Scottish lotto winner John McGuinness won one of the UK’s top jackpots of 1997. An amazing lump sum worth almost 14 million EUR. Football-crazy McGuinness used over a third of his giant win to help save his favourite Scottish club, financially troubled Livingstone F.C.
It wasn’t long. However, till the team was back in the red, John now finds himself over 2 million EUR in debt after a string of bad investments.

Courtesy changes history

Gloria McKenzie is one of the most notable lottery winners of all time for a number of reasons. Above all, the 84-year-old Florida lottery player is remarkable for having claimed the largest individual lotto prize ever seen (read about the biggest shared prizes here) in the Powerball draw on May 18th 2013. Strangely enough McKenzie wouldn’t have won a cent if a stranger hadn’t allowed her to skip ahead of them in the queue and buy her ticket first. We hope karma delivers a consolation prize to the kind person who made way!

Shout it out!

Merseyside in England where a lotto player reportedly celebrated her win in style! She climbed onto her roof and shouting “I’ve won! I’ve won!” while bemused lottery officials waited inside. Here are some slightly more productive things to do to your house after winning the jackpot!