10 Ways to Identify a Millionaire Lottery Winner

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Did you ever take a moment to consider the fact that some of the people you meet could be mega-rich lotto champs? You might even have walked past one the last time you left the house – but how would you know? These 10 ways to identify a millionaire lottery winner will help you to pick them out from the crowd!

10. They are irresistible to the opposite sex

What’s the secret to that guy’s success? Oh yeah…

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9. They seem pretty chilled out

Because winning a lottery jackpot is basically a free pass to chill out whenever, wherever and however you want. Hey, you’re really rocking that head-bucket!

8. Their dental choices

Just look at those beautiful gold teeth! We can’t see how anyone would think this is in poor taste!? 😉

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7. They couldn’t care less what other people think

Because when you’re as rich as Pikachu, why would you? Incidentally, everyone’s favourite electric-type Pokémon (sorry Zapdos fans!) is worth billions – that’s even more than the biggest lottery winners of all time!

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6. Everyone is really jealous of their car

C’mon lottery winners, can’t we just share your cars, pretty pleases?

5. They own a higher calibre of pet

When you’ve won the lottery, you can have just about any pet your heart desires (so long as you can care for it properly!).

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4. They can’t remember the price of a carton of milk

These people may know how to play lottery, but they almost certainly don’t know how much a carton of milk costs… and they probably don’t mind wasting the stuff.

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 3. They have a fabulous entourage

If a lottery winner’s friends didn’t dress sharp before their jackpot win, they probably do now. You should of course be on the lookout for over-sized spectacles, jazzy jackets and broad smiles in particular.

2. They throw the best parties

In a lottery winner you have the perfect recipe for an exemplary party host: they’re care-free, they’re buying the drinks, and they probably don’t have to show up to a job the next day. If you’re lucky enough they might even be able to persuade Jim Carey to pay a visit…

1. They might look a bit orange from all that solar radiation

That rich, deep sun tan is a dead giveaway. Remember to use plenty of sun cream, lottery winners!

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