How We’d Imagine a Lotto Winner’s Daily Routine

No matter how unusual your life may be, we can guarantee you it’s nowhere near as out-of-the-ordinary as a lotto winner’s daily routine. We’ve put together the following article using the latest cutting-edge GIF technology, to provide you with a precious insight into how a lottery winner might live!

Your alarm clock goes off…

No matter how much money you have, hearing your alarm go off in the morning will always feel like this. Hey, maybe if you win the lottery you won’t have to get up at any specific time anyway!

Bathing… in money!

Now this is more like it – a truly nourishing start to the day.

If you’re lucky enough to have lots and lots of many, it’s basically your responsibility to bathe in bills. Having said that, you should probably take a regular shower once you’re done – money is not particularly well known for being cleanly.

The commute

Okay, so you’re not necessarily going to be travelling to work if you’ve won a lottery jackpot, but wherever you’re going, you’re gonna get there in style.


Let’s do lunch! Make ours a golden lobster stuffed with truffles and rare gems. We say that when you’re fabulously rich, food doesn’t necessarily need to be edible – it just needs to be expensive!

A shopping diversion

Whether it’s a…

You’re gonna get it!

Whatever you like!

At this point in the day, with all your basic needs taken care of, you can turn your attention to your special interests. For instance, you might consider doing a skydive from the edge of space.

Dinner time

Since we got all fancy over lunch (that gem-stuffed lobster should be working its way through your system as we speak), let’s flip our focus for this meal and go for QUANTITY over quality. Where’s the nearest Man v. Food challenge at!?

Hit the casino

Erm, just because you’ve already won one jackpot, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to win another. Look how disappointed Katy Perry is with you for not being there already.

A little tipple

What better way to end an outrageously decadent day than with a raucous night out!? As a lottery winner you should be aware that the drinks will probably be on you.

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