What’s so good about playing lotto online?

Playing Lotto Online

We’ve loved playing lotteries for literally thousands of years, and over the second half of the 20th century playing with paper slips and waiting to find out results through TV draws or print publications always seemed to suit us just fine. In light of this fact, you could be forgiven for wondering why exactly you should be ditching those old habits and taking your lottery business online in 2015. Allow us to explain…

All about playing lotto online . A world of choice

It’s now possible to play multi-million-euro lotteries from around the world, pretty much wherever you are. For instance, PlayEuroLotto allows European players to bet on world record-breaking American draws like MegaMillions and Powerball, whilst users of just about any nationality, from Australian to Zulu can bet on major national and multi-national lotteries from all over Europe. Globalised lottery gaming is here at last, and it sure is sweet.

No tickets = less hassle and a safer bet

If there’s a positive side to the tickets traditionally used for lottery betting, we couldn’t name it. In a world where we can simply bet on lotteries online, a physical ticket just seems like a terrible waste of paper. You also run the risk of losing the damn thing and missing out on your millions. Thank goodness we can now rely on paperless, online lottery gameplay.

Get in on the syndicate action

According to the UK National Lottery, 1 in 4 of the British draw’s jackpot prizes are won in syndicate. The term will be familiar to some, but for those in the dark, let us explain:

Syndicate play is a supremely smart way to bet on lottery results. You’ll find excellent provision for the practice online at sites like PlayEuroLotto. The players in a syndicate place equal numbers of bets on different number combinations. If any of the combinations played by the syndicate happen to win a prize, the winnings are shared out equally between the members.

We offer a number of great syndicate options including our US Combi, EU Combi and VIP World package. Join one today and boost your chances of a major win!

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