Why You Should Play with Random Lottery Numbers

There’s a special appeal to picking lottery numbers with a personal meaning, and we’d never suggest you should stop playing with your lucky numbers… But there’s so much to be said for playing with totally random numbers too. Here are just a few of the reasons why random lottery numbers need to be at least a part of your lottery betting strategy:

Random numbers win more often

We’ll get straight to the point: random numbers win more often than hand-picked numbers! Recent research into lottery results found that a whopping 53% of jackpot wins come as the result of a completely random number combination, whilst only 11% of winning lines are made up exclusively of ‘lucky’ numbers such as birthday dates or house numbers. The facts are startling clear: the majority of big winners pick random numbers!

Trust in chance

Whilst choosing random numbers may not offer any sentimental links to cherished dates and places, there is undoubtedly an element of romance in the idea. By picking random numbers you very truly surrender yourself to the will of fate, with your selections coming down to the play of chance – just like the lottery results!

No need to share

Choosing random numbers is not only an exciting way to play; it’s also a proven means of increasing the amount of money you’re likely to take away in a jackpot win situation. Random sets of numbers are less likely to be identical to other lines in the draw than sets of numbers handpicked by other people (it turns out that many of us choose numbers in the same way). This means that if you’re a random winner, you’re less likely to share your prize with another player.

If you miss out, it’s not your fault

Winning any prize in a lottery draw is always a treat, but some players who get a 4- or 5-number match find the experience bittersweet. If only they had chosen that one number differently, they’d be a millionaire by now! By choosing random numbers, you remove the possibility of bittersweet feelings like these, with every win a cause for celebration.

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