Win a € 177 Million EuroMillions Jackpot TONIGHT

Imagine waking up on Saturday morning as one of the richest lottery winners in European history. Tonight’s € 177 Million EuroMillions Jackpot is set to make dreams come true for someone out there in Europe. If you act fast and place your bet now with PlayEuroLotto, that someone could be you!

The key details on tonight’s draw

  • It’s the biggest EuroMillions jackpot since 2014
  • The deadline for bets via PlayEuroLotto is 17:00 CET
  • The draw will be held in Paris at 21:00 CET
  • The jackpot is € 177 Million
  • That’s the seventh biggest ever offered in a regular European lottery


Remember, PlayEuroLotto opens up lottery draws to players all over the world – so even if you’re not normally eligible to play EuroMillions due to your nationality, there’s a good chance you can play with us. Contact our customer support if you’re unsure.

A jackpot of historic portions

Whilst the big US lottery Powerball has been busy breaking lottery jackpot records for the last few years, EuroMillions has been relatively quiet.

But not any longer.

If someone wins tonight’s € 177 million jackpot, it will go down as the seventh highest prize fund ever paid out in a regular European lottery draw.

That’s pretty historic stuff – and if we see another rollover in tonight’s draw, we’ll see an even higher payout at some point in the coming weeks. The last time we saw a jackpot on this scale was October 2014, when an anonymous Portuguese player won the maximum EuroMillions jackpot of € 190 million.

How to bet on tonight’s draw

Betting on the big draw via PlayEuroLotto is easy:

  1. Log in to your PlayEuroLotto account (if you don’t have one, it’s quick and easy to register).
  2. Go to our EuroMillions page.
  3. Select your lucky numbers on the number picker card – you’ll need five regular numbers plus two Lucky Stars for every line you wish to bet on.
  4. Make sure you have the correct draw selected, then proceed to the checkout.

Remember: the deadline for entries into tonight’s draw is 17:00 CET – so you need to act fast to secure your chance.

How did the EuroMillions jackpot get so big?

EuroMillions has a minimum jackpot of “just” € 17 million – so how did the prize fund get over seven times bigger in this case?

The answer is simple: Superdraws.

A few times every year, EuroMillions has an extra € 100 million added to its jackpot fund, purely to create an exciting occasion for players. One of these so-called Superdraws took place a few weeks ago, but there was no winner. Tonight’s elevated jackpot is a result of a series of rollovers stemming from that initial Superdraw rollover.

The fact that EuroMillions requires a nine-figure injection of cash in order to reach a jackpot level this high is great news for players. Why? Because it means that under normal circumstances, the chance of someone winning the jackpot is too high to sustain a run of rollovers leading to a maximum jackpot.

You won’t get a better chance to win a jackpot of this scale anywhere else in world lottery.